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Stay At Home Date Ideas Can you help me with this

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  1. 1. Have a Family Movie Night – Snuggle up together on the couch and pick a family-friendly flick. Consider picking all the same movies your kids know by heart, or ones you love to watch over and over again.

    2. Hold a Bake-Off – Gather all necessary ingredients for making treats like cookies, brownies, or cupcakes. Have everyone make their own desserts, then have a contest for whose treat looks the most creative!

    3. Try Indoor Camping – Choose a spot in your home to set up tents either inside or outdoors in the backyard, then get ready for some indoor camping fun! Serve snacks around an imaginary campfire and tell stories from when you went camping with your own families as children.

    4. Become Fitness Fanatics – Set aside time in the afternoon for exercise as a family–this could mean jogging, following an online exercise routine, playing tag outside (if it’s not too hot!), taking yoga classes together via YouTube, or going on nature walks in your neighbourhood park.

    5. Get Crafty – Collect simple household items such as paper towel rolls and turn it into art projects such as chimes, mobiles or even jewellery racks using craft glue, feathers and glitter! Who knows what else everyone can create? Let your imagination run wild!

    6. Have Your Own Quiz Show – Gather everyone in front of the TV with snacks at hand while creating questions that focuses on culture, sports, entertainment and more–tailor it to things that everyone would be interested in learning about (each other if you want!). The person who gets the most correct answers wins a special prize – maybe something like picking out a movie or getting ice cream later!

    7. Go On A Virtual Vacation – We might not be able to go traveling for now but thanks to technology we can enjoy places from around the world virtually safely from our homes! Research about different cultures online and look for virtual tours of monuments or landmarks you can do ‘together’—there are tons of places open from museums to national parks accessible as long as you have strong wifi connection!

    Create an evening routine

    Create an evening routine to make sure your stay-at-home date nights are always meaningful and exciting. An evening routine helps you get out of the worker state of mind and into the romantic headspace by giving each of you a set time when things start. It doesn’t matter that you’re home on the couch together–it still feels like an event!

    Your evening routine can start with something as simple as making dinner together, watching a movie, or playing board games. To take it up a notch, turn your bedroom into a romantic wonderland with special touches like candles, flowers, and music. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, plan a unique stay-at-home activity such as learning how to tango or cooking dinner from another culture.

    The goal is to design your own nightly custom experience where both partners feel relaxed and engaged throughout the evening. This will make each night an adventure even if you do it in the same place every time!

    Enjoy a virtual movie night

    A virtual movie night is a great way to enjoy some quality time together without leaving the house! The best thing about this stay at home date idea is that you can pick any movie you want and watch it together with your partner.

    To make it even more special, find a streaming service that offers foreign films and pick one from there so both of you can go on an adventure in different language and culture in the comfort of your home. You can also pack some snacks that pair perfectly with the movie you picked like popcorns, chips or have dinner while watching it.

    Just pick up some cozy blankets and pillows, dim the lights, get ready to press play and enjoy a night full of love and fun!

    Have a picnic in the living room

    What could be more romantic than having a picnic with your significant other in the living room? This is one of the easiest stay at home date ideas out there! All you need is a few snacks and drinks, some delicious food, and maybe even flowers to make it extra special.

    Lay out a blanket or pillows on the floor. Put up a nice table cloth. In addition to the romantic setting for your picnic, you can watch your favorite movie together or have some romantic background music playing as you enjoy each other’s company. If there’s not enough space on your living room floor, why not transfer that picnic out onto the balcony or back garden?

    This sweet gesture will put a smile on your special someone’s face and fill hearts full of love. Play some relaxed board games, chat about life plans or just enjoy each other’s presence under one roof without the distractions of going out into town – it’ll be an evening to remember!

    Cook together

    Date night doesn’t have to mean a night on the town. Stay-at-home date nights can be just as romantic and enjoyable! One of the best ways to make date night extra special is by cooking together. Cooking together not only fills your home with delicious aromas, but it also gives you an opportunity to learn something new together and helps builds communication skills.

    First, plan out your meal. Decide if it will be a 3 course dinner or just something simple. Research some recipes online so that you know what ingredients you need to buy in advance – why not even try a foreign cuisine you’ve never cooked before? On your date night, put on some music and let the cooking commence! Don’t forget to light candles and set the table nicely afterwards – presentation is key!

    Cooking together can open up conversations about previous meals shared or recipes passed down from family members. It’s also a great way to lounge around over cocktails as your food sizzles in the background – either cook something familiar or try something new like making sushi or handrolling pizzas. It’s sure to be an evening of fun laughs, good food (hopefully!) and lots of conversation!