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  1. 1. Scratch Map – A unique and fun way to let your guests know the date of your wedding is a scratch map. Have each guest receive a special map with their invitation. They can then scratch off the location in celebration of your upcoming nuptials!

    2. Destination Date – Make it an adventure for your guests by sending them on a special destination date! Choose somewhere you love, or have each guest select one place they would like to discover as part of a larger date. It’s sure to be an unforgettable experience.

    3. Dinner Invite – Invite your loved ones to an intimate dinner where you and partner break the exciting news that you are getting married! Select an elegant and fitting backdrop, music and delicious food to make this occasion truly memorable.

    4. Movie Night – Have everyone come over for a movie night no one will ever forget with a custom-made save-the-date movie poster featuring each guest’s favorite film quotations and images from your relationship journey together!

    5. Private Concert – Who says you need to pay for an expensive musician or band? Invite all of your guests over for wine, craft beers and other drinks before breaking out into an acoustic guitar or piano session between yours truly that culminates in “Our Song” being twisted around into some improv singing session that goes down in history forevermore!

    6. Festival Fun – Rope everyone in for festival fun outdoors complete with Bocce Ball games on certain consecutive dates, culminating in the grand finale when finally the save-the-date posters are distributed (preferably printed on those disposable paper plates)! Everyone wins if whoever gets closest to hitting the bottle cap is crowned winner at day’s end… Hooray!

    7. Video Letterbox – Get creative with a video letterbox where little envelopes are sent out complete with footage filmed by yourselves announcing the date directly inside – how fabulously inventive!? Plus… Nobody could ever turn down such wonderful petit forms origami covered in craft paper adorned with doodled elephants ponders clouds or rainbows tailing special memories together too… Yep; its guaranteed success!!

    Outline the importance of save-the-dates

    Save-the-dates are an essential part of any wedding planning process. Writing and sending out notices to all potential guests is a great way to make sure everyone’s aware of your upcoming nuptials – and excited about them at the same time. Save-the-date cards can also hold many important pieces of information about your special day, such as the actual date, location, hotel accommodations for out-of-towners and even a website or social media profile of the newlyweds.

    Save The Dates will give your guests plenty of time to plan for attending your event. These cards allow guests sufficient advance notice to schedule flights, book hotel reservations and plan any vacation days off from work. Additionally, save the dates provide invitations with the convenience of an early check list—yes already starting?—where you can confirm each guest receipt when they respond back in time before RSVPing.

    Creating something interesting but also timely will serve as reminder that their presence is desired on this special occasion!

    List fun save-the-date ideas such as custom magnets, a riddle or puzzles, creative photo cards, scratch-off invites

    Sending out fun save-the-date cards to your guests is one of the best ways to get them excited about your event. Here are a few unique and creative ideas that you can use:

    Custom Magnets – Use custom magnets as save-the-date reminders. You can create personalized magnets with an image of you and your partner, your wedding date, location and other details.

    Riddle or Puzzle – Try sending out riddles or puzzles instead of traditional cards as save-the-dates. This will add a bit of mystery and fun to the occasion!

    Creative Photo Cards – Send out photo cards featuring goofy poses or humorous images of you and your partner. Have fun with it!

    Talk about creative virtual ideas such as video clips and virtual rooms

    When it comes to creative save the date ideas, virtual ideas are definitely the way to go! Video clips, virtual rooms and other digital formats can make your save the date announcement one that guests won’t forget.

    For example, you could create a short video clip from pre-recorded footage of both of you, using photos or old videos. This will engage your guests emotionally as they watch your story unfold!

    Or perhaps create a virtual room – you can send out personalized QR codes where guests enter your digital space with their own device. Then on the day of your event, invite everyone to join in a special Zoom or Skype call at an appointed time to reveal all the exciting details about your wedding or event.

    Discuss unique destinations for destination weddings and how to plan them through postcards or packages

    A unique and fun way to save the date for your destination wedding is to send out postcards or packages from the chosen city or country. You can choose a postcard that shows off a beautiful view of the place, like a beachfront sunset or a quaint mountain village. Or you could curate a package with locally sourced items, like spices, coffee beans, teas, and other local souvenirs. It will give your guests an extra glimpse into your wedding destination before they officially arrive!

    For couples who are having multiple weddings — one at home and one abroad — consider tiered packages or cards. For example, you could create packages that relate to each of your ceremonies with special items tailored to each event.

    For example, if you’re marrying in Hawaii, you could include macadamia nuts in the package for international guests, while including custom jeans jackets with both of your names embroidered for those attending the hometown ceremony. Whatever unique item or combination of touches you choose will make sure your loved ones have something totally memorable when it comes time to mark their calendars!