What a female looks for in a man?


What a female looks for in a man? help me find the answer

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  1. A lot of people ask me what my ideal type is. My answer is simple. I want a man who knows himself. A man who understands his own needs. A man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to tell me. A man who respects me and treats me right. A man who loves me and shows it. A man who makes me laugh every day. A man who’s not afraid to show affection. A man who’s honest and loyal. A man who’s funny and smart. A man who’s kind. A man who’s romantic. A man who’s got a great personality. A man who’s confident. A man who’s caring. A man who’s a gentleman. A man who’s respectful. A man who’s loving. A man who’s supportive. A man who’s understanding. A man who’s patient. A man who’s thoughtful. A man who’s sensitive. A man who’s considerate. A man who’s trustworthy. A man who’s responsible. A man who’s fun. A man who’s passionate. A man who’s humble. A man who’s mature. A man who’s strong. A man who’s intelligent. A man who’s faithful. A man who’s adventurous. A man who’s selfless. A man who’s protective. A man who’s spiritual. A man who’s independent. A man who’s secure. A man who’s generous. A man who’s ambitious. A man who’s creative. A man who’s organized. A man who’s brave. A man who’s courageous. A man who’s compassionate. A man who’s bold. A man who’s playful. A man who’s stylish. A man who’s sexy. A man who’s successful. A man who’s honorable. A man who’s dependable. A man who’s athletic. A man who’s healthy. A man who’s happy. A man who’s proud. A man who’s loyal. A man who loves God. A man who’s religious. A man who’s forgiving. A man who’s giving. A man who’s gentle. A man who’s sincere. A man who’s optimistic. A man who’s helpful. A man who’s genuine. A man who’s hard working. A man who’s humorous. A man who’s resourceful. A man who’s spontaneous. A man who’s sweet. A man who’s serious. A man who’s knowledgeable. A man who’s disciplined. A man who’s competitive. A man who’s focused. A man who’s determined. A man who’s persistent. A man who’s energetic. A man who’s outgoing. A man who’s charming. A man who’s charismatic. A man who’s authentic. A man who’s articulate. A man who’s intellectual. A man

    Why does she look for a guy who has a great personality?

    Women are attracted to men who have a strong sense of self and confidence. They’re looking for a guy who knows himself well enough to be able to communicate his needs and desires clearly. Women find this attractive because it shows he’s confident enough to ask her out, and it demonstrates that he knows what he wants.

    This doesn’t mean women only date guys who are perfect. But it does show that a woman likes a guy who isn’t afraid to take risks and try new things. She finds this exciting and interesting, and she appreciates a guy who takes pride in being himself.

    If you want to attract a woman, you need to show her you’re not afraid to be yourself. This means having a positive attitude and showing interest in others. Don’t worry too much about trying to impress her; instead, just be yourself.

    Does he need to be rich?

    Rich men are sexy, but not everyone wants to date them. Rich men often come across as arrogant and self-centered. They’re also usually married or engaged, which means they may not be interested in dating women who aren’t already taken.
    What a female looks for in a man?

    If you’re looking for a relationship, you should consider dating a poor man instead. Poor men tend to be humble and generous, traits that many women find attractive. Plus, they’re single, so there’s no risk of being rejected because they’re already taken.

    Of course, you shouldn’t settle for just any guy. Make sure he’s smart, funny, and respectful. And if he doesn’t meet those criteria, move on.

    Is it important that he’s funny?

    Yes! Women tend to be attracted to men who are funny. And humor is contagious. So when you’re out at a party, watch how many women laugh at jokes. They’re laughing because they find them amusing.

    If you’re not naturally funny, practice making jokes until you become comfortable enough to tell them. Then share those jokes with friends and family members. The more you practice telling jokes, the funnier you’ll become.

    Women also appreciate men who are confident and self-assured. This means being able to stand tall and speak confidently. But it doesn’t mean being arrogant. Confidence comes from knowing yourself well and having confidence in your abilities.

    And finally, women prefer men who are honest and trustworthy. Don’t lie or cheat just to impress her. Be truthful and open about your feelings and intentions. Women respect honesty.

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