What a husband needs from his wife?


What a husband needs from his wife? help me find the answer

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  1. A husband needs a lot from his wife. He needs her support, encouragement, understanding, affection, and loyalty. A husband also needs to be loved and appreciated. His wife should always be there for him. She shouldn’t leave him alone during difficult times. She should not let him down at any time. She should never cheat on him. She should respect him. She should never humiliate him publicly.

    She should give him space and freedom. She should encourage him to take risks and live life to the fullest. She should help him grow spiritually and emotionally. She should keep him happy and healthy. She should share his joys and sorrows equally. She should be supportive and encouraging. She should listen to him patiently. She should understand his mood swings. She should accept his mistakes without judging him. She should forgive him easily. She should be honest with him. She should trust him completely. She should believe in him. She should be loyal to him. She should respect his decisions. She should be loving towards him. She should care about him. She should show compassion towards him. She should be kind to him. She should be gentle with him. She should treat him kindly. She should be patient with him. She should respect and honor him. She should value him highly. She should appreciate him. She should be grateful to him. She should thank him often. She should be thankful to him. She should always remember his birthday. She should celebrate his success. She should be proud of him. She should praise him. She should compliment him. She should be appreciative towards him. She should value his opinion. She should be considerate towards him. She should respect her mother-in-law. She should respect her father-in-law.

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    Your husband needs to be treated like a king. He deserves to be pampered and spoiled just like any other man who loves his woman.

    He should never feel neglected or unloved because he’s married to you. Your husband needs to be treated well, not only when he’s at home, but also when he’s away.
    What a husband needs from his wife?

    If you’re lucky enough to find yourself married to a guy who treats you right, then you’ve got it made. But if you’re single, then you need to work hard to attract a great guy.

    Here are some tips to help you attract a great guy:


    Your relationship with your spouse is the most important relationship in your life. So it only makes sense that you should treat her well.

    If she respects you, you’re more likely to respect her back. And when you respect each other, you feel closer together.

    When you respect your partner, you show her that you care about her feelings and opinions. This builds trust between you and helps keep things running smoothly.

    And when you respect your partner, she feels valued and loved. She knows that you value her opinion and that you listen to her.

    This means that you won’t be surprised when she tells you what she thinks about something. You’ll be able to handle any disagreements calmly and respectfully because you’ve built up enough trust to understand where she’s coming from.

    But if you disrespect your partner, you may find yourself feeling angry or resentful. Your partner doesn’t deserve this treatment.

    Instead, try showing her that you respect her by treating her with kindness and consideration. This shows her that you appreciate who she is and what she brings to your relationship.

    By respecting your partner, you build stronger relationships and create a happier home.


    Your husband needs support when he’s feeling down or stressed out. He may need encouragement when he feels discouraged. And he definitely needs reassurance when he’s worried about something.

    He wants you to be there for him when he needs you most. So give him the emotional support he deserves.

    What a husband needs from his wife?

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