What a man is looking for in a woman?


What a man is looking for in a woman? do you know anything about it

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  1. A man wants a woman who is beautiful, intelligent, funny, sweet, kind, honest, sexy, smart, ambitious, and fun. He also wants a woman who is confident, charming, classy, attractive, and a great conversationalist. A man wants a woman who knows her own mind and isn’t afraid to express herself. A man wants a girlfriend who is ready to settle down and start a family. A man wants a wife who loves him unconditionally and puts his needs above hers.

    He wants a woman who is independent yet feminine. He wants a woman who is strong enough to stand up for herself but not so strong that she won’t listen to him. He wants a woman he can trust and depend on. He wants a woman whose heart is pure and true. He wants a woman with whom he can share his deepest secrets. He wants a woman to laugh with and cry with. He wants a woman that makes him happy every day.

    He wants her to be honest with him

    If you’re looking to attract men, honesty is key. Men appreciate women who are upfront and honest with them. They want to feel valued and respected. So when you meet a guy, tell him straight out what he needs to hear. Don’t beat around the bush. Tell him exactly what you want.

    Men hate being lied to, so if you lie to him, he won’t respect you. He may not even remember you later. But if you tell him the truth, he’ll remember you forever.

    And if you’re looking to attract women, honesty is equally important. Women appreciate men who are straightforward and open with them. They want a partner who tells them what they need to hear, rather than hiding things from them.

    Women hate being deceived, so if you deceive her, she won’t trust you. She may even end up cheating on you. But if you tell her the truth, she’ll respect you. And if you’re looking to impress her, telling her the truth will help you win her over.

    She should be supportive

    Supportive women are sexy. They’re confident, independent, and strong. And when a guy sees a woman who fits this description, he wants her. He wants to protect and take care of her.

    He wants to help her succeed. He wants to give her everything she needs to reach her goals.

    And he wants to share his life with her.

    This is why men are attracted to supportive women. This is why they fall in love with them.

    But there’s another reason why men are drawn to supportive women.

    They feel safe.

    When a man feels safe, he relaxes. His heart rate slows down. His breathing becomes deeper.

    His mind clears.

    And he thinks clearly.

    That’s because when we feel safe, our bodies release hormones that calm us down and allow us to concentrate better.

    And when we feel safe, we become more open to ideas and solutions. We become more creative.

    We become more productive.

    We become more successful.

    We become happier.

    That’s why men are attracted to women who support them.

    Because they feel safe.

    And that makes them happy.

    She should be caring

    Women who care about others tend to attract men who care about them. Men who care about women are attracted to women who care about themselves. Women who care about themselves tend to attract men who respect them. And men who respect women are attracted to women whose values align with theirs.

    When we’re talking about relationships, there are two types of value alignment: personal and professional. Personal value alignment means that our values match those of the person we’re dating. Professional value alignment means that our work lives are aligned.

    Personal value alignment is important because it helps us feel comfortable being ourselves. We can relax when we’re with someone who shares our values. But we need to be careful not to confuse this type of value alignment with superficiality.

    We shouldn’t date someone just because she looks great or has a ton of friends. Instead, we should find someone who makes us feel good about ourselves. Someone who respects us and appreciates who we are.

    Professional value alignment is important because we need to feel confident at work. Our bosses, clients, colleagues, and subordinates expect us to perform well. They depend on us to deliver results. So we must be able to trust each other.

    If we can’t trust each other, we won’t be able to collaborate effectively. Collaboration requires mutual respect. Mutual respect comes from shared values.

    So how do we achieve professional value alignment? First, we need to understand our own values. Then we need to communicate these values to our boss, coworkers, and subordinates. Finally, we need to demonstrate our values through our actions.

    To help us better understand our values, we can use the following questions:

    • What does success mean to me?

    • What do I stand for?

    • Who am I?

    • What do my parents teach me about life?

    She should be smart

    Smart women are sexy. They’re attractive, confident, and successful. Smart men find them irresistible.

    Women who are intelligent are usually well educated. This means they’ve had a lot of exposure to books, magazines, newspapers, television, movies, etc. Women who are well educated tend to be worldly, cultured, sophisticated, and knowledgeable. These traits are appealing to men because they reflect intelligence, confidence, and sophistication.

    If you want to attract a smart man, you need to show him that you’re smart too. The best way to do this is to study hard, work hard, and keep learning.

    Men are attracted to women who are ambitious. So when you go out and meet guys, try to talk about things that interest you. Ask questions about his interests and hobbies. Show enthusiasm for topics he likes. And most importantly, listen carefully to everything he says.

    When you listen closely, you’ll notice that men often use words like “smart”, “intelligent”, “educated”, “knowledgeable”, “cultured”, “sophisticated”, “well-read”, “bookworm”, “learned”, “literate”, “academic”, “scholarly”, “trendy”, “hip”, “cool”, “fashionable”, “classy”, “elegant”, “glamorous”, “stylish”, “sexy”, “hot”, “attractive”, “pretty”, “cute”, “adorable”, “charming”, “sweet”, “funny”, “witty”, “clever”, “kind”, “amazing”, “inspiring”, “great”, “awesome”, “fascinating”, “interesting”, “exciting”, “entertaining”, “enjoyable”, “memorable”, “special”, “unique”, “superb”, “outstanding”, “excellent”, “fabulous”, “terrific”, “delightful”, “lovely”, “beautiful”, “perfect”, “amazing”, and “incredible”.

    These are just some examples of words that men use to describe smart women. Use these words to describe yourself. Then, when you meet a guy, ask him what he thinks of you. He may say something like, “Wow, she’s smart!” Or, “She’s got great taste.”

    Or maybe he’ll tell you that you’re the smartest person he’s ever met. Either way, you’ll know whether he finds you attractive.