What a man wants from his wife in bed?


What a man wants from his wife in bed? share your thoughts

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  1. A man needs to be treated right in the bedroom. He should not be forced to sleep with a woman he hates. A man wants to enjoy his time with his wife in bed. But she should also give him pleasure. She shouldn’t just lie there and expect her husband to satisfy her every desire.

    If you want to keep your relationship strong, you must understand the difference between being a dominant and submissive lover. When you are submissive, you don’t mind doing whatever your partner says. In fact, you are happy to do anything for them because you love them. On the contrary, when you are dominating, you take charge of the situation and demand certain actions. This is what makes a great lover.

    You should never force yourself to do something you don’t want to do. For example, if you don’t like oral sex, you shouldn’t force yourself to perform it. Instead, tell your partner you don’t feel comfortable doing it. That’s why you should always respect your partner’s wishes.

    If you want your partner to be satisfied, you must treat them like a queen. And you must show your appreciation by giving them gifts. Don’t forget to buy them flowers, chocolates, and other romantic gifts. Also, remember to compliment them often. Tell them how beautiful they look, how sexy they are, and how much you appreciate them. These small gestures will surely turn your partner on.

    When it comes to foreplay, you should focus on making her wet. Use lube and massage her clitoris gently. Don’t rush. Take your time. Make sure you caress her breasts and nipples. Gently kiss her neck and shoulders. Once she gets aroused, you can start kissing her lips and tongue.

    Afterward, you should change positions. Try different positions such as spooning, 69 position, and missionary. You can also try different types of sex toys. Remember to lubricate the toy first.

    Finally, you should clean yourselves after sex. Wash your hands and genitals thoroughly. After cleaning, dry off completely. Do not touch your genitals until they are dry.

    A Man Wants His Wife To Be Happy In Bed

    Men are visual creatures. They’re attracted to women who exude happiness and confidence.

    Women who are happy in bed are attractive because they project positive energy. And men respond to this energy. So when you’re in bed with your husband, be yourself. Don’t fake it. Let him see you being happy and confident. He’ll feel better too.

    When he looks at you, he sees himself reflected back. This makes him feel more secure and comfortable in bed.

    He may not say it out loud, but he’ll appreciate your efforts. And you’ll reap the rewards.

    The Best Way For Her To Feel Good Is By Being Loved And Treated Well

    Men need to be treated well when they’re not at work. They deserve to feel special and appreciated every day.

    That means being attentive, affectionate, romantic, and thoughtful. Women who treat men this way tend to receive better sex than women who don’t.

    Women who give great oral sex are usually rewarded with amazing orgasms. So, if you want her to climax during intercourse, just keep giving her pleasure.

    If she doesn’t orgasm, try these tips to help her reach climax:

    1) Focus on her clitoris and use your tongue to stimulate it.

    2) Gently rub her breasts and nipples.

    3) Use your fingers to gently massage her inner thighs.

    4) Rub her back and shoulders.

    5) Stroke her neck and ears.

    6) Kiss her lips and cheeks.

    7) Give her a foot massage.

    8) Play with her hair.

    He Likes When She Gives Him Pleasure

    Men like when their wives give them pleasure. They’re not selfish; they just want to be pleased. So women should try to please him every day.

    Women who are married to men who aren’t interested in pleasing them often feel frustrated and unfulfilled. But there’s no need to worry because he likes when she gives him pleasure. He doesn’t expect her to perform miracles, just small things that make him happy.

    When he feels appreciated, he becomes more affectionate, attentive, and romantic. And when he feels loved, he becomes more loving, caring, and generous.


    It’s important to remember that sex isn’t just about physical pleasure; it’s also about emotional intimacy. So when you’re having sex with your partner, don’t forget to give him/her what they really want – love and affection.