What a women looks in a man?


What a women looks in a man? will be glad to hear your thoughts

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  1. A beautiful woman needs to be smart, kind, witty, and sexy. She should also be confident, independent, and self assured. A woman must be strong and determined, she should not be afraid to stand alone and fight her own battles.

    She should be feminine, yet powerful. She should be intelligent, yet humble. She should be passionate about something, and she should always keep herself looking fresh.

    You should never let a woman take care of you. Women are meant to be taken care of. And you shouldn’t depend on them to pay your bills, take care of your kids, or give you a shoulder to cry on.

    Women are amazing creatures, and they deserve respect and admiration. They don’t need to apologize for being themselves, nor do they need to pretend to be somebody else just because society tells them to.

    If you want to attract a great woman, treat her like one. Treat her like a queen, and expect her to act like one.

    The first thing she look for is honesty. She wants to know that he has no hidden agenda. He should be open about his feelings and emotions.

    She needs to feel safe. She doesn’t want to feel pressured or manipulated. She wants to feel comfortable and confident.

    She wants him to be honest and straightforward. She wants to feel respected and valued.

    He must show her respect and value her. He must treat her well. He must listen to her and understand her point of view.

    He must not try to control her or manipulate her. He must never lie to her. He must never cheat on her. He must never hurt her.

    If he does these things, she will trust him and believe in him. She will give herself completely to him.

    When she feels this way, she will fall deeply in love with him.

    This is the most important step in any relationship. The first impression is everything.

    Second, she wants him to be honest with himself. A man who knows how to love himself will find it easier to show love to others.

    She wants him to be honest about his feelings and desires. She doesn’t want him to hide behind excuses or blame her for things he did wrong. She wants him to own up to his mistakes and take responsibility for them. She wants him to accept himself for who he is and not try to change himself to fit her expectations.

    She wants him to stop trying to control everything and just let go. She wants him to trust her enough to tell her when he needs help. She wants him to respect her boundaries and not push her away. She wants him to understand that no matter what happens between them, she loves him unconditionally.

    She wants him not to expect too much from her. She wants him to appreciate her efforts and support her dreams. She wants him to give her space and freedom to grow and learn. She wants him to be there for her when she needs him most.

    She wants him never to lie to her again. She wants him to treat her with respect and honor. She wants him to listen to her opinions and ideas. She wants him to share his thoughts and feelings with her. She wants him not to judge her based on her appearance. She wants him to compliment her instead of criticizing her.

    She wants him always to remember that she is special and unique. She wants him to value her opinion and encourage her to express herself freely. She wants him to believe in her abilities and talents. She wants him to recognize her strengths and weaknesses. She wants him to celebrate her successes and cheer her on when she succeeds.

    She wants him only to desire her physically and emotionally. She wants him to feel comfortable being affectionate towards her. She wants him never to touch her inappropriately. She wants him to kiss her gently on the lips and neck. She wants him to hold her hand and cuddle with her. She wants his hands to linger on her body and caress her skin. She wants him to whisper sweet words in her ear and stroke her hair. She wants him to nibble her ears and bite her neck. She wants him never ever to leave marks on her body.

    She wants him forever to keep her safe and protected. She wants him to protect her from harm. She wants him to stand beside her through thick and thin. She wants him to fight for her. She wants him always to be loyal to her.

    She wants to be loved and cherished. She wants to be adored and admired. She wants to be desired and pursued. She wants him to pursue her relentlessly until she gives in. She wants him to chase after her and catch her. She wants him forever to make her happy.

    She wants him loving and caring. She wants him to shower her with compliments and praise. She wants him to spoil her and pamper her. She wants him constantly to tell her how beautiful she is. She wants him to lavish her with gifts and treats. She wants him to surprise her with romantic gestures. She wants him to spend quality time with her.

    She wants her husband to be her knight in shining armor. She wants him to rescue her from danger and bring her back home safely. She wants him to save her from any trouble. She wants him to come to her aid whenever she calls out for help. She wants him always ready to defend her against anyone who threatens her.

    She wants a man who will always be faithful to her. She wants him willing to commit to her and stay true to her. She wants a man who will never cheat on her. She wants him faithful to her and to God. She wants him to remain chaste. She wants him to abstain from sex outside of marriage. She wants him to avoid pornography. She wants him to refrain from premarital sex. She wants him to wait until marriage to engage in sexual activity.

    She wants him devoted to her alone. She wants him to worship her and serve her. She wants him dedicated to making her life better. She wants him to put her happiness above his own. She wants him to sacrifice his own interests for hers. She wants him to work hard for her. She wants her husband to be successful at whatever he does.