What are older men looking for in a woman?


What are older men looking for in a woman? looking forward to the answers from the community

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  1. Older men want younger women. They don’t care about age. They just want young fresh faces. Younger men prefer older women because they look more mature and experienced.

    They also want a woman who is not desperate. A man wants to date a woman who is ready to settle down and start a family. He wants her to be independent and financially stable.

    He wants a woman who knows herself and has confidence. She should be smart and witty. She must be attractive and feminine.

    She must be beautiful and sexy. She must be intelligent and educated. She must be fun loving and adventurous.

    A man needs a woman who is kind, caring, sweet, understanding, honest, faithful, responsible, supportive and trustworthy.

    If she is single and interested in meeting men, she must be confident and self assured. She must be willing to take risks and explore new opportunities. She must be spontaneous and enjoy being social.

    Men who are seeking a long term relationship with a woman must be respectful, considerate, loyal, romantic, affectionate, sensitive, nurturing, and passionate.

    The “Alpha Female” Myth

    There are many myths out there about women and dating. One myth is that older men prefer younger women because they’re more fertile. This is not true. Older men tend to be more mature and stable than young guys, so they value maturity and stability in a mate.

    Another common myth is that older men seek younger women because they’re desperate for sex. While this may be true for some older men who are lonely, most older men aren’t interested in having casual sex. They just want a long-term relationship with a woman who shares similar values and interests.

    Older men often appreciate a woman who is independent and self-sufficient. They respect a woman who doesn’t need them for financial support and isn’t afraid to stand on her own two feet.

    An alpha female is confident enough to take care of herself, yet feminine enough to attract older men. She knows she deserves to be treated well and won’t settle for second best. An alpha female is strong enough to handle life’s challenges, yet sensitive enough to understand others’ needs.

    These qualities are attractive to older men because they show a level of maturity and independence that younger women lack. And when combined with a healthy dose of femininity, these traits create a winning combination for older men.

    Why Men Prefer Younger Women

    Men prefer younger women because they’re more fertile. They’re also more attractive than older women. Older women tend to be overweight, wrinkled, and unattractive.

    Older women also tend to have children who are now grown adults. This means there’s no longer any need for them to care for these offspring.

    This leaves older women free to pursue careers outside of motherhood. So when older women become mothers, they often find themselves out of work and unable to support themselves financially.

    That’s why men prefer younger women.

    How to Attract Older Men

    Older men are often overlooked when dating younger women because they’re perceived as being too set in their ways and not interested in meeting someone who isn’t young enough to be their daughter. But there are plenty of older men out there who would love to meet a beautiful woman who shares their interests and values.

    If you’re ready to attract older men, here are some tips:

    1) Be open minded. Don’t limit yourself to only dating men over 30 years old. There are many attractive older men out there who are just waiting to meet you.

    2) Dress appropriately. While older men appreciate a sexy outfit, they also appreciate a classy one. So wear clothes that fit well, show off your assets, and keep them covered.

    3) Keep things lighthearted. Older men tend to be very serious, so try to inject a bit of humor into your conversations. They’ll find it refreshing.

    4) Make him laugh. Older men love to laugh, so make sure you share jokes and stories that bring a smile to his face.

    5) Show interest in his hobbies. Older men love to talk about themselves, so ask questions about his favorite topics. And if he loves sports, tell him about yours. He may surprise you with his knowledge.

    6) Listen carefully. Older men love to hear compliments, so pay close attention to everything he says.

    7) Do favors for him. Older men are used to getting whatever they want whenever they want it, so treat him like royalty. Give him gifts, take him places, and let him pick the restaurant.

    8) Let him help you. Older men are great at fixing things, so give him a task to complete. Then watch him work hard to finish it.

    9) Ask him about his family. Older men love talking about their families, so ask him about his parents, siblings, children, grandchildren, etc.

    10) Tell him about your family. Older men love hearing about your life, so tell him about your past relationships, kids, pets, and any other important details about your life.

    How to Be More Likeable

    If you’re interested in attracting older men, you need to be more likeable. Men over 40 are looking for women who are smart, funny, attractive, and interesting. They want to spend quality time with them. And they want to feel special when they do.

    They want to share life experiences with you. So, if you’re not already doing this, you should consider becoming more social, engaging, and interactive. This means being more outgoing and open to meeting new people.

    And remember, men over 40 aren’t just looking for sex. They’re looking for companionship, too. So, if you want to attract older men, you need a healthy dose of romance.


    Older men may seem like they don’t care about anything other than sex, but they actually have a lot going on in their lives. They just need someone who will listen to them and understand them.