What are the main things a woman needs from a man?


What are the main things a woman needs from a man? can you help me with this question

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  1. A man should be honest, kind, respectful, supportive, caring, loving, trustworthy, understanding, and romantic. He should also be funny, smart, handsome, fit, successful, intelligent, sweet, charming, sexy, etc.

    He should also be a gentleman. A man should treat a woman with respect and not talk down to her. He should never put his hands on her without her permission. He shouldn’t touch her hair, face, neck, arms, legs, waist, back, butt, breasts, or vagina.

    He should always ask her opinion and listen to her ideas. He should give her compliments and tell her she looks beautiful. He should compliment her about something he notices about her appearance. He should never lie to her.

    He should never cheat on her. He should never pressure her to sleep with him. He should never force himself on her. He should let her know if he wants to have sex with her. She should be free to say yes or no at any time.

    She should never expect anything from him. She should never demand anything from him. She must always keep herself clean and groomed. She should dress nicely and look attractive. She should smell nice. She should always smell fresh and clean. She should wear makeup and perfume. She should take care of her skin.

    She should eat healthy foods and stay away from junk food. She should drink lots of water. She should exercise every day. She should maintain a positive attitude and smile. She should laugh often. She should enjoy life.

    She should be happy and optimistic. She should be confident. She should believe in herself. She should be grateful for what she has. She should appreciate others. She should always be polite and courteous. She should be forgiving.

    She should never gossip or judge anyone else. She should be compassionate and sympathetic. She should help others whenever she can. She should be generous. She should share her knowledge and skills with others.

    She should be willing to learn new things. She should be adventurous. She should explore different places and cultures. She should travel. She should support causes that are important to her.

    She should be loyal and faithful. She should trust in God. She should pray. She should read inspirational books. She should meditate. She should be thankful.

    She should be humble. She should forgive easily. She should be patient. She should be selfless. She should be gentle. She should be strong. She should be courageous.


    Love is a feeling that comes from being connected to another person. Love is not just romantic; it’s also friendship, respect, trust, admiration, care, compassion, understanding, support, encouragement, gratitude, appreciation, and many others.

    When you’re in love, you feel happy, peaceful, energized, excited, joyful, passionate, and alive. You feel loved and cared for. You feel safe and secure. And when you’re in love, everything seems possible.

    If you’ve ever been in love, you already understand this. But if you haven’t experienced true love yet, here are some tips to help you find it:

    1) Be patient. True love takes time to develop. Don’t expect it to happen overnight.

    2) Make time for each other. Spend quality time together. Go out to dinner, take walks, go swimming, play games, watch movies, etc.

    3) Do things you enjoy together. This helps build intimacy between you and your partner.

    4) Give compliments. Complimenting your lover shows her she’s important to you.

    5) Listen to your partner. Listening allows him/her to express his/her feelings.

    6) Try to be honest. Honesty builds trust and strengthens relationships.

    7) Show affection. Hugging, kissing, holding hands, cuddling, and massages are ways to show your partner you care.

    8) Share interests. Sharing common interests makes you closer.

    9) Have sex. Sex releases oxytocin (the bonding hormone), which increases feelings of connection.


    Women need respect. They deserve respect. And men should give it to them.

    They’re not asking for special treatment. They just want to be treated fairly. Women are equal to men. Men are equal to women. We’re all human beings. We all deserve respect.

    If you treat women with respect, they’ll reciprocate. But if you disrespect them, they won’t return the favor. So please, show some respect.


    Women need loyalty from men. They’re not looking for a guy who just wants sex. Women want a man who treats them well and respects them.

    They want a man who takes care of his family, especially when he’s away at work. And women want a man who doesn’t cheat on them.

    If you treat her right, she’ll be loyal to you. She won’t leave you for another man because she knows that would hurt you too. So, show her that you value her and respect her. Then, she’ll reward you with her loyalty.