What attracts woman in a man?


What attracts woman in a man? can you share your thoughts on this

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  1. A lot of times, women look at a man and decide whether he’s attractive based on his body language, facial expressions, voice tone, and overall appearance. In fact, studies have shown that women are attracted to men based on how confident they appear to be.

    If you’re not feeling very confident about yourself, it may be difficult to attract the type of woman you want. But don’t worry, because confidence isn’t just something you should strive for; it’s also something you can learn. Here are three ways to build your self-confidence.

    1. Find Out Why You Feel Unconfident

    It might seem obvious, but one of the best ways to boost your confidence is to figure out why you feel insecure. Ask yourself questions such as “Why am I worried?” or “Is my behavior making me appear less confident?” Once you understand why you feel insecure, you’ll be able to take steps toward improving your situation.

    2. Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts About Yourself

    When you start thinking negatively about yourself, you begin to believe negative thoughts about yourself. And once you’ve started believing them, it becomes easier to keep believing them. To combat this problem, ask yourself questions such as “Am I being fair to myself?” or “Do I really deserve to feel this way?” By asking yourself these types of questions, you’ll be able change your mindset and help you overcome feelings of insecurity.

    3. Practice Self-Esteem Activities

    One of the easiest ways to increase your self-esteem is to practice activities that boost your self-esteem. For example, if you enjoy reading books, read a book every day. Or if you enjoy working out, exercise every day. These simple actions will help you develop positive habits that will eventually lead to increased self-esteem.

    The first thing you need to know about attracting women is that it’s not just physical attraction. There are many other factors involved.

    Attraction isn’t just physical attraction. It’s emotional attraction, too. And there are many other things involved besides physical appearance.

    Here are some tips to help you attract women:

    1) Be confident. Women find confidence attractive. They’re attracted to men who exude self-assurance. So be confident!

    2) Don’t try to impress her with material possessions. She doesn’t care about stuff. What she cares about is whether you’re capable of providing for yourself and others.

    3) Show her that you respect her. Respectful behavior shows that you value her opinion.

    4) Make her laugh. Laughter makes us feel better. And when we feel good, we become more open to new experiences.

    5) Give her compliments. Compliments show that you appreciate her.

    6) Listen to her. Listening shows that you care about her feelings.

    7) Ask her out. This shows that you’re interested in getting to know her better.

    8) Tell her that you like her. Saying this shows that you’re honest and trustworthy.

    9) Pay attention to her needs. Women like to be appreciated. So pay attention to her needs.
    What attracts woman in a man?

    10) Let her take control. Women prefer to lead, so let them.

    Physical attractiveness is only one part of what makes a person attractive. You also need to consider personality traits like kindness, humor, intelligence, ambition, etc.

    Women find men who are physically attractive irresistible. But physical attraction alone isn’t enough to attract women. Women prefer men who are kind, funny, intelligent, ambitious, and compassionate.

    If you’re not naturally charismatic, you can learn to be charming through practice. Start by practicing small talk with strangers at coffee shops, restaurants, parties, and anywhere else where you meet people. Practice smiling and laughing when appropriate. Then try talking to strangers about topics that interest you.

    When you become comfortable speaking to strangers, you’ll feel confident approaching women at bars, clubs, concerts, and other places where you’d normally go out. And remember, there’s no better place to practice than online dating sites!

    Attracting women isn’t always easy. Some men have no problem with this, while others struggle mightily. But there are some basic strategies that will help most guys succeed.

    Women are attracted to confidence. They’re drawn to confident men who exude self-assurance. So when you feel nervous or insecure, try these tips to attract women:

    1) Be yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t. Women are attracted to real men, not fake ones.

    2) Show off your assets. Women appreciate handsome faces, strong bodies, and masculine features. So keep your body fit and groomed. And dress well.

    3) Smile often. Smiling makes you seem friendly and approachable. Plus, smiling helps you appear younger than you actually are.

    4) Speak confidently. Women respond favorably to men who speak clearly and assertively. So practice speaking slowly and loudly.

    5) Make eye contact. Women find it attractive when men look them directly in the eyes. So make sure you maintain eye contact whenever possible.

    6) Stand tall. Women prefer taller men over shorter ones. So stand upright and proud.

    7) Look relaxed. Women are turned on by men who act natural and unselfconscious. So stop fidgeting and acting uncomfortable. Instead, relax and smile.

    8) Wear clean clothes. Clean clothing shows that you take care of yourself. This makes you appear healthy and trustworthy.

    9) Keep your hands out of your pockets. Women find it sexy when men keep their hands free. So remove any items that may distract you, including cell phones, wallets, keys, etc.

    10) Avoid bad habits. Women are turned off by men who smoke, drink alcohol excessively, swear, and use drugs. So quit smoking, drinking, swearing, and using drugs.

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