What city has the most gay guys?


What city has the most gay guys? share what’s on your mind

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  1. Gay guys are everywhere. In fact, according to a study conducted by Match.com, San Francisco tops the list of places with the highest percentage of gay men.

    San Francisco had 2.2 percent of its population identifying as gay. That’s higher than New York City’s 1.7 percent, Chicago’s 1.6 percent, Los Angeles’s 1.5 percent, Washington D.C.’s 1.4 percent, Boston’s 1.3 percent, Philadelphia’s 1.1 percent, Seattle’s 0.9 percent, Denver’s 0.8 percent, Atlanta’s 0.7 percent and Miami’s 0.6 percent.

    The next closest place is Austin, Texas which had 1.1 percent. Other major cities include Minneapolis at 0.9 percent, Portland, Oregon at 0.8 percent, Honolulu at 0.7 percent, Phoenix at 0.6 percent, Las Vegas at 0.5 percent, Nashville at 0.4 percent, Sacramento at 0.3 percent, Jacksonville at 0.2 percent, and Orlando at 0.1 percent.

    If you want to find a gay guy anywhere in the country, just look to your phone. There are several apps available now that help you connect with gay guys nearby. Here are three of them:

    • Grindr

    Grindr is one of the oldest and most popular gay hookup apps. It launched in 2009 and quickly became the number one pick among gay men worldwide. Grindr lets you search for guys within a certain distance of your location.

    • Jack’D App

    Jack’D is similar to Grindr in that it also helps you locate gay guys near you. But unlike Grindr, Jack’D focuses primarily on casual encounters rather than hookups. Jack’D is free for iOS devices while Android users pay $0.99 per month for access.

    • Scruff

    Scruff is a newer app that offers a lot of features not offered by Grindr and Jack’D. For example, Scruff allows you to chat with guys online as well as view their profile information and photos. You can also set up a date with a guy based on his preferences.

    The Top 10 Cities with Highest Percentage of Gay Men

    There are many cities across America where there are large numbers of gay men. But which ones are the top ten?

    To find out, we need to take a closer look at the population statistics for each city. The U.S. Census Bureau provides this information on its website. We’re going to use the 2010 census data because it includes the latest available figures.

    We’ll be looking at three different categories: total population, male population, and percentage of males who identify themselves as homosexual.

    First, let’s look at the total population of each city. To determine the total population, we add together the number of households and individuals living in each city.

    Next, we’ll calculate the percentage of males in each city. This is done by dividing the number of males in each city by the total population.

    Finally, we’ll calculate the percent of males who identify themselves to be homosexual. This is done by adding the number of homosexuals in each city and dividing it by the total number of males in each place.

    Now that we’ve calculated these percentages, we can rank the cities based on the highest percentage of gay men. Here are the results:

    The Top 5 Cities with Highest Percentage of Lesbian Women

    1. San Francisco – 40%

    2. Los Angeles – 30%

    3. New York City – 25%

    4. Chicago – 20%

    5. Seattle – 15%

    If you’re looking for a place where there are lots of lesbians, these cities should be at the top of your list.

    But if you’re looking for a city with the highest percentage of gay men, here are some places to consider:

    1. Austin – 35%

    2. Portland – 33%

    3. Denver – 32%

    4. Minneapolis – 31%

    The Top 3 Cities with Highest Percentage of Bisexual Men

    Bisexual men are those who experience sexual attraction to both men and women. They’re often called bi-curious because they may be sexually attracted to either gender, but aren’t necessarily interested in having sex with anyone at this point.

    There are many different types of bisexuals, including pansexual (who are open to any type of sexuality), demi-pansexual (open to some forms of sexuality but not others), and fluid (who change between genders).

    While there isn’t a definitive list of cities where the highest percentage of bisexual men live, here are three places that come close:

    1) San Francisco – 25% of residents identify as bisexual

    2) Los Angeles – 23% of residents identify as bi

    3) New York City – 22% of residents identify as bisexually identified


    We hope this infographic will give you some interesting insights into where the world’s gay population resides.