What do girls want from a guy?


What do girls want from a guy? share your thoughts

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  1. Girls want a guy who is honest, kind, funny, smart, confident, attractive, and respectful. They also want a guy who knows what he wants in life. Girls don’t care about your grades, your career, or your family. All they care about is whether you’re a nice person and whether you treat them right.

    If you’re not interested in meeting a girl, just tell her. Don’t waste her time. She won’t appreciate it.

    Be yourself. Be honest. Tell her what she wants to hear. But don’t lie. And never cheat on her. That’s one thing she definitely doesn’t want.

    Don’t put pressure on her. She’s got enough problems without worrying about yours. Just be yourself and let her decide if she wants to date you.

    Never text her at 2am. Texting during the day is fine, but texting at night is weird and creepy. Plus, she might be asleep.

    Make plans ahead of time. Have fun together. Go out on dates. Make memories. Do something special every now and again.

    Ask questions. Ask her about herself. Ask her about her friends. Ask her about her hobbies. Ask her about her dreams. Ask her about her hopes and fears.

    Give compliments. Compliment her hair, her eyes, her smile. Give her a compliment once in awhile. It shows that you really care about her.

    Let her pick the restaurant. Let her pick the movie. Let her pick the music. Let her pick the place to eat dinner.

    Pay for stuff. A lot of times, girls expect guys to pay for everything. Even if you’re broke, give her money for lunch or coffee.

    Take her somewhere exciting. Take her to a concert. Take her hiking. Take her surfing. Take her anywhere.

    The Three Types of Girls You’ll Meet Online

    There are three types of girls online. The first type is the girl who wants to meet guys over coffee. She’s looking for a casual hookup.

    She’s not interested in long term relationships or commitment. She just wants to have some fun.

    The second type of girl is the girlfriend type. She’s looking for serious relationship material. She wants to be married someday.

    And finally there’s the third type of girl. This is the girl who wants a real relationship. She wants to fall in love and live happily ever after.

    If you’re trying to find a girlfriend, you should avoid meeting these three types of girls online because they won’t give you any clues about whether she’s right for you.

    Instead, go out and meet women at bars, clubs, parties, etc. These places are full of single women who are looking for men like yourself. They’re usually open to dating outside of their social circle, so you can easily meet them.

    When you meet a woman at a bar or club, ask her questions about herself. Ask her where she works, what she does for fun, what she likes to eat, etc. Then tell her about yourself. Tell her about your hobbies, interests, goals, dreams, and aspirations.

    Don’t try to impress her with your knowledge of sports, politics, or religion. Instead, talk about things that interest you both. And remember, when you’re talking to a woman, keep your eyes focused on hers. Don’t stare at her cleavage or legs.

    Women appreciate honesty and sincerity. So don’t lie to her. Be honest about your intentions and expectations.

    Also, don’t be afraid to show interest in her. Women love compliments, especially when they come from sincere admirers.

    Finally, don’t pressure her to date you. Let her decide if she wants to pursue a relationship with you.

    Once you’ve met a woman at a bar, club, party, etc., you can take it slow. Start off by sending her a friendly email every once in awhile. After several months, send her another email asking her out.

    How to Tell Which Type She Is

    Girls are hard to figure out because there are so many different types. But here are some general characteristics to help you identify them.

    She wants to be treated like a princess. She likes being pampered and spoiled. She loves flowers, chocolate, jewelry, and expensive gifts. She enjoys shopping and going out.

    She wants to feel special. She appreciates thoughtful gestures and surprises. She loves romantic dates and long walks on the beach. She’s attracted to guys who take her out dancing and treat her well.

    She wants to share her life with someone she cares about. She values honesty and loyalty. She wants to be loved unconditionally. She doesn’t mind getting dirty and sweaty together.

    She wants to find true love. She’s looking for a soul mate. She wants to fall madly in love and spend the rest of her life with him. She wants to marry and have kids.

    She wants to live happily ever after. She wants to settle down and grow old with the man of her dreams. She wants to travel the world together.

    She wants a family. She wants to raise children and watch them grow up. She wants to teach them everything she knows. She wants to spoil them rotten.

    She wants to work hard and play harder. She wants to build a career and support herself financially. She wants to go back to school and become a doctor or lawyer.

    She wants to keep fit and healthy. She wants to eat right and exercise regularly. She wants to lose weight and stay trim. She wants to maintain a beautiful appearance.

    She wants to learn new things. She wants to expand her knowledge and skills. She wants to improve her writing, speaking, and math skills. She wants to master a foreign language.

    She wants to meet interesting people. She wants to hang out with friends and have fun. She wants to party every night. She wants to drink wine and smoke cigars.

    She wants to experience adventure. She wants to explore new places and try new foods. She wants to climb mountains and swim across oceans. She wants to hike through jungles and sleep in tents.

    Putting all together

    Knowing which type of girl you’re dealing with will help you know where to go next.