What do you call a woman who goes for older guys?


What do you call a woman who goes for older guys? Can you help me with this

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  1. This woman is not just looking for older men, she wants to date them. She is a cougar. A cougar is usually defined as a sexually mature woman in her thirties or early forties who dates much younger men.

    Cougars tend to be very attractive and often successful professionally. They may also be single moms or divorced. Some cougars are married to younger men while others are simply attracted to young men.

    A cougar is a term that describes a woman who seeks out relationships with younger men. In fact, according to Wikipedia, the word ‘cougar’ originated in the 1970s as a derogatory term for a woman who sought out older men.

    Today, however, it has evolved into a positive term describing older women who seek out younger men.

    So why do women want to date older men?

    There are several reasons why a woman might want to date an older man. For example, older men are generally wealthier than younger men, which makes them more financially stable. Older men are also more experienced at certain aspects of life such as parenting and career advancement.

    Older men are also less likely to cheat on their partners because they’ve already had children and settled down. Cougars are typically looking for long-term relationships rather than short-term flings.

    Because of these reasons, cougars are often highly desirable among younger men. Younger men are often attracted to older women for the same reason that older women are attracted to younger men � they’re both seeking stability and security.

    But what about the age gap?

    It depends on the situation. Generally speaking, a woman who is 25 years old and dating a man 10 years older is considered a cougar. But again, it depends on the circumstances.
    What do you call a woman who goes for older guys?

    If a woman is in a relationship with a younger man, she’s not necessarily a cougar. Likewise, if she’s dating multiple younger men, she’s still not necessarily a cougar because she could be dating one of them exclusively.

    Why Older Men Are More Attractive Than Younger Ones

    Older men are more attractive than younger ones because women prefer them. They’re wiser, experienced, and more mature. And when they’re not too old, they’re still young enough to be desirable.

    Women find older men more attractive because they tend to be better providers. They’ve had more time to build wealth and experience life, so they’re more financially stable. Plus, they’re usually more established in their careers, making them more successful and confident.

    When women date younger men, they often feel insecure and inadequate. Young men are immature, inexperienced, and unproven. Women may feel threatened by this lack of maturity and inexperience.

    Younger men are also more physically fit and healthy than older men. This makes them appear more youthful and energetic.

    And finally, younger men are typically more socially adept than older men. This means they’re more comfortable interacting with others and socializing.

    All these reasons combine to create a positive impression of older men. They’re seen as more attractive, more successful, and more socially competent.

    The Cougar Effect

    Cougars are women who go after men 10 years younger than themselves. They’re often referred to as ‘cougar’ because they’re usually 40+ and pursue younger men.

    There are two types of cougars: those who date younger men out of necessity (because they’ve been divorced) and those who date younger men because they find them attractive.

    Regardless of whether you’re dating a younger man because you need a relationship or because you find him attractive, there are some things you should keep in mind when going after a younger guy.

    First, be careful not to come across as desperate. Don’t send messages asking him to meet you at his house, or ask him to call you back right away. Instead, let him initiate contact.

    Second, don’t expect too much from him. He may be young, but he’s still a kid. He doesn’t have any experience, so don’t expect him to give you everything you want.

    Third, don’t try to change him. This isn’t a game where you win points for being cool. Be yourself, and don’t try to act like a teenager just to impress him.

    Finally, remember that this is a casual fling. So relax, have fun, and enjoy yourself.

    Why Women Go For Rich Guys

    Women go for rich men because they’re confident, successful, and financially stable. They’ve already established themselves in life and aren’t looking for a relationship.

    They’re not interested in settling down and having kids. Instead, they’re focused on building wealth and enjoying life.

    Rich women are attracted to these traits because they feel secure and safe when dating them. They know they won’t be taken advantage of.

    When a woman dates a wealthy man, she feels special and valued. She knows he wants her only for herself. He doesn’t care about her family or friends. He treats her well and makes her feel beautiful.

    She enjoys being treated this way because she knows he loves her for herself and isn’t trying to impress anyone else.

    This is why women go for rich men.

    To conclude

    Dating an older man may seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s nothing wrong with being attracted to someone who has experience, maturity, and financial stability. Plus, he’ll probably treat you better than any younger guy would.

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