What do you look for in a man answer?


What do you look for in a man answer? help me find the answer

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  1. What do you look for in your potential mate? Well, let me tell you about yours truly. I am looking for a man who is kind, caring, honest, trustworthy, loyal, intelligent, funny, handsome, athletic, and also knows how to treat his lady right.

    You should be ready to commit yourself to me because I am not just anyone. I am a nice person who loves my family, friends, and myself. I am very loving and affectionate towards others. I enjoy spending time with my loved ones and friends. I believe in living life to the fullest. I am always positive and optimistic. I am a fun loving person. I am always happy to help others. I love traveling and exploring different places. I am highly educated and professional. I am a hard worker. I am a great listener. I am respectful and humble. I am a romantic person. I am romantic at heart. I am a gentleman. I am a lover. I am a protector. I am a provider. I am a leader. I am a strong person. I am a smart person. I am a good cook. I am a great dancer. I am a great kisser. I am a great hugger. I am a very generous person. I am a great father. I am a great husband.

    If you want to know more about me, please check out my profile. There you will find a lot of information about me. Also, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them.

    Be honest

    If you’re looking for a relationship, honesty is not only the best policy, it’s the law. Honesty is the foundation of any healthy relationship, whether it be personal or professional.

    Honesty is also essential when writing online. Don’t lie about who you are or what you offer. Readers won’t trust you and may never visit your site again.

    Don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t. Be yourself, and let your personality shine through in every aspect of your content.

    Show some personality

    When looking for a date, we’re not just looking for a pretty face. We’re looking for someone who shares our interests, values, and beliefs.

    We’re looking for someone who makes us laugh, loves sports, enjoys going out on dates, and wants kids someday.

    If you find yourself attracted to someone who doesn’t share these traits, then you should move on.

    But if you find yourself drawn to someone who does, then you’ve found a keeper!

    Have something interesting to say

    If you’re looking for a man who has something interesting to say, he should be able to tell you about himself. He should be able to share his experiences and point out things that interest him.

    He should be able to talk about his passions, hobbies, and interests. And he should be able to offer some insight into his personality.

    And when he does these things, he should be able and willing to listen to yours.

    That’s because men tend to prefer women who listen to them. They find this attractive.

    Men also find women who ask questions attractive. This makes sense since men often feel insecure about themselves. So when a woman asks a question, she shows that she cares about him.

    Women also find men who give answers attractive. Men usually feel better about themselves after giving an answer.

    When you meet a guy who seems interested in talking to you, pay close attention to whether he talks about himself or shares information about himself.

    If he talks about himself, he’s showing that he wants to connect with you. If he shares information about himself, he’s trying to impress you.

    This is important because guys who try to impress you aren’t very trustworthy. They may not be honest with you.

    They may lie to you. Or they may just be trying to manipulate you.

    Don’t let yourself fall victim to any of those things. Instead, trust only those men who seem genuinely interested in connecting with you.

    Final note

    It’s important to show off your personality when answering questions. You don’t need to come up with original answers every time, but try to add some personal flair to your responses.