What does a woman seek in a man?


What does a woman seek in a man? will be greatfull for any inforation

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  1. A lot of women ask me why they should date a man who is not rich. They want him to be successful financially. But the truth is, money isn’t everything. A lot of women look at a man’s bank account and assume he must be wealthy because he drives a nice car. That’s just one aspect of his wealth.

    There are many other ways to measure success. For example, a man could be very educated, intelligent, kind, considerate, loving, etc. All of these traits are important qualities to a woman. And while money is certainly something she wants in a man, it’s not the only thing she looks for.

    So, what exactly does a woman look for in a man? She wants a man who makes her laugh. She wants a man who treats her right. She wants a man with integrity. She wants a man that knows how to treat a lady.

    She also wants a man that takes care of himself. She wants a man whose self-esteem is strong enough to handle himself in tough situations. She wants a man whom she can depend on. She wants a man she can trust. She wants a man to share her dreams with. She wants a man willing to take risks. She wants a man ready to grow with her.

    And finally, she wants a man who loves her unconditionally.

    Why Women Want Men Who Are Good For Them

    Women want men who are good for them because women value themselves and feel better when they’re treated well. They want men who care about them and treat them right.

    They want men who respect them and appreciate them. And they want men who take care of them and protect them.

    And they want men who are honest and trustworthy.

    But most importantly, women want men who are loving and caring.

    Men need to understand that women are not just objects to be used. Instead, women are valuable human beings who deserve to be respected, appreciated, protected, and loved.

    The 3 Types Of Relationships That Will Benefit Her Most

    There are three types of relationships that benefit women most:

    1) The relationship where she feels safe and secure. This type of relationship gives her peace of mind. She knows he won’t hurt her physically or emotionally.

    2) The relationship where she wants to be loved. This type of relationship makes her feel special and important. She feels valued and appreciated.

    3) The relationship where she needs to be needed. This type of relationship helps her grow spiritually and mentally. She feels useful and needed.

    These three types of relationships help women thrive because they give them emotional security, self-esteem, and purpose. They’re the foundation upon which we build our lives.

    When you meet a woman who seems to fit this description, ask yourself these questions:

    • Does she seem happy?

    • Is she confident?

    • Do you sense a neediness within her?

    If she answers yes to any of these questions, then chances are she’s looking for a relationship. And if she’s not interested in dating right now, then she may be ready to date later.

    Women who are single often say they aren’t ready to date yet. But when they finally decide to take action, they usually find themselves attracted to men who are just as busy as they are. So if you’re single, keep an open mind and wait until you’ve met enough quality guys to narrow down your choices.

    And if you’re already married, remember that your wife isn’t necessarily looking for another man. She may simply be trying to fulfill her own needs.

    She Wants Someone To Share Life With

    Women want men who share life with them. They want to be able to count on him when things go wrong. They want to feel safe and secure. And they want to be able to trust him.

    If he doesn’t care enough about her to share his life with her, she won’t put up with him. She wants to be treated like a queen, not just another notch on his belt.

    And she wants to be loved. Women want to feel special and appreciated. They want to be cherished and adored.

    They want to be wanted. They want to be needed. They want to be desired.

    They want to feel important. They want to be respected. They want to be admired.

    They want to matter. They want to be valued. They want to be heard.

    They want to hear words of affirmation. They want to be told they’re beautiful.

    They want to receive compliments. They want to be complimented.

    They want to know they’re being taken seriously. They want to be seen as intelligent.

    They want to learn. They want to grow. They want to evolve.

    They want to change. They want to improve. They want to become better.

    They want to succeed. They want to achieve. They want to win.


    Understanding what women want from relationships is important because it helps us understand how we should approach dating. We need to know what kind of relationship would benefit each person most so that we don’t end up wasting our time and energy.