What does Frankl say about love?


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  1. Frankl said, “Love is not something one feels; it is something one acts.”

    It’s true that love isn’t something you feel. Love is something you act upon. When you fall in love, you don’t just suddenly start feeling warm fuzzies toward someone. You may feel happy, excited, sad, angry, etc., but none of those feelings are actually love.

    When you act lovingly toward someone, you show them that they are important to you. You demonstrate that you care about them. And because you care about them, they become important to you. That’s why you feel love for them.

    So, if you want to act lovingly toward someone else, you must first figure out what kind of relationship you want with that person. Do you want a long term relationship? A friendship? Or maybe you just want to hookup with someone right now. Whatever type of relationship you decide to pursue, you need to act lovingly toward that person.

    If you want to act lovably toward someone, you need to show them that they are valuable to you. They must be important to you. And if they are important to you, they will become important to you.

    You might ask yourself, “What makes me important to someone?” Well, you could answer that question in different ways. For example, you could tell them that you admire them, you respect them, you enjoy spending time with them, you trust them, you believe in them, you look forward to seeing them, you appreciate them, you value them, you enjoy being around them, you enjoy doing things with them, you enjoy talking to them, you enjoy listening to them, you enjoy watching them, you enjoy being near them, you enjoy hearing them talk, you enjoy helping them, you enjoy giving them advice, you enjoy teaching them, you enjoy learning from them, you enjoy getting to know them, you enjoy laughing with them, you enjoy hanging out with them, you enjoy spending quality time with them, you enjoy being with them, you enjoy doing fun stuff with them, you enjoy working together, you enjoy playing games with them, you enjoy eating food with them, you enjoy drinking coffee with them, you enjoy going shopping with them, you enjoy traveling with them, you enjoy taking walks with them, you enjoy reading books with them, you enjoy writing letters to them, you enjoy cooking for them, you enjoy cleaning up after them, you enjoy holding hands with them, you enjoy kissing them, you enjoy hugging them, you enjoy cuddling with them, you enjoy touching them, you enjoy making love to them, you enjoy sleeping next to them, you enjoy waking up next to them, you admire them, you are proud of them, you are inspired by them, you are motivated by them, you are grateful to them, you are thankful to them, you are indebted to them, you owe them, you owe them money, you owe them favors, you owe them drinks, you owe them dinner, you owe them gifts, you owe them flowers, you owe them compliments, you owe them hugs, you owe them kisses, you owe them phone calls, you owe them texts, you owe them time, you owe them energy, you owe them affection, you owe them patience, you owe them understanding, you owe them truthfulness, you owe them honesty, you owe them loyalty, you owe them support, you owe them encouragement, you owe them help, you owe them kindness, you owe them compassion, you owe them forgiveness, you owe them gratitude, you owe them respect, you owe them consideration, you owe them appreciation, you owe them admiration, you owe them everything, and you owe them nothing.

    You can choose any number of reasons to explain why you find them special. But whatever reason you come up with, you should act lovingly toward them.

    And once you do, you will begin to feel love for them. It won’t happen overnight. It won’ t happen at all if you haven’t acted lovingly toward them already. But if you continue to act lovingly toward them, eventually you will start to feel love for them and vice versa.

    That’s why Frankl says, “Love is something one acts. Not something one feels.”

    Find Meaning in Life

    Frankl said that life is meaningful when we find meaning in our lives. He believed that finding purpose in life was essential to happiness.

    He wrote three books about his philosophy of living: Man’s Search for Meaning, The Doctor and the Soul, and From Death to Destiny.

    His ideas were based on his own experiences during World War II. He had been imprisoned in Auschwitz concentration camp for two years and witnessed many deaths there. After he escaped, he spent several months hiding out in the woods near Vienna.

    During this period, he experienced great suffering and loneliness. But he found meaning in his life through his work as a psychiatrist treating patients at the hospital where he worked.

    After the war, he continued working as a doctor until he died in 1997.

    To learn more about Frankl’s philosophy of living, visit http://www.frankl.com.

    Learn to Live with Uncertainty

    Frankl says that we should learn to live with uncertainty because life is uncertain. He says that we must be prepared to deal with change and not let our fears control us. We need to accept that things may go wrong and that there are no guarantees.

    We cannot predict the future, so we must prepare ourselves for whatever comes next. This means being ready to adapt when circumstances change.

    This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t plan ahead. But planning isn’t enough. We must also be flexible and able to adjust to changing situations.

    If we’re afraid of making mistakes, we won’t take risks. And if we don’t take risks, we’ll never grow. So we must learn to live with uncertainty.

    Wrapping up

    Frankl has some great advice for living life to its fullest.