What does it mean if a guy asks you how he looks?


What does it mean if a guy asks you how he looks? will be happy to get all sorts of information

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  1. It depends on how you look at it. Some guys might not want to hear anything negative about themselves. They just want to know how they look. But if you don’t want to tell them how they look, then just ignore them.

    If you’re interested in him, then you should definitely let him know how he looks. He wants to know because he cares about himself. And he also wants to know whether his appearance makes you happy or not.

    Men always want to know how they appear to others. That’s why they ask questions such as ‘Do I look fat?’, ‘Does my hair look good?’, “Are my teeth clean?’ etc.

    So if you’re looking for a relationship, then you should answer these questions honestly. Don’t lie to him. Tell him the truth.

    You shouldn’t worry about hurting his feelings. Men are very sensitive. Sometimes, they won’t understand what you meant. Just tell him the truth and he’ll appreciate it.

    But if you’re single, then you should never talk about yourself negatively. Never ever say something bad about yourself. Because every time you speak badly about yourself, you’re making yourself unhappy.

    And speaking positively about yourself will help you become happier. So, if you’re feeling down, then start talking about yourself positively. Talk about your strengths and achievements.

    Your friends and family will notice that you’re becoming happier. And they will encourage you to keep doing positive things.

    The Importance of Body Language

    Body language is the nonverbal communication between two people. The most important body language signals include posture, gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, and voice tone.

    When we communicate through our bodies, we’re able to convey emotions, intentions, and feelings. We use these subtle cues to determine whether another person likes us, trusts us, respects us, or wants to be friends with us.

    If you’ve ever been on a date where the guy didn’t seem interested, you may have noticed his lack of physical interest. Or maybe you’ve seen a friend who seems nervous when talking to a cute girl. These examples show that men and women interpret different things based on body language.

    That said, there are certain ways to improve your own body language and attract others’ positive attention. Here are some tips:

    • Stand tall and straight. Don’t slouch or lean forward. Keep your shoulders back and chest out.

    • Maintain eye contact. Avoid looking down at your phone or fidgeting with your hands.

    • Smile. This shows confidence and warmth.

    • Use open body language. Open arms, legs, and eyes indicate openness and trustworthiness.

    • Lean toward the person you’re speaking with. This indicates interest and respect.

    • Cross your arms over your chest. This is a sign of aggression and distrust.

    • Sit close together. Sitting too far apart makes you appear cold and distant.

    • Touch each other frequently. Touching shows friendship and intimacy.

    Why You Shouldn’t Say “You Look Great”

    If you’re asked how a guy looks, you should never say “you look great.” Instead, you should say “you look handsome/beautiful/sexy/hot/etc.”

    Here’s why:

    1) The phrase “you look great” means nothing. It doesn’t actually tell him how he looks.

    2) Saying “you look great” implies that you’re looking at his appearance. This isn’t true. He may be looking at you instead.

    3) Saying “you look hot” sounds too sexualized. If you want to sound sexy, try saying “you look sexy”.

    4) Saying “you look beautiful” makes you seem shallow and vain.

    5) Saying “you look handsome” sounds like you’re complimenting his physical attributes rather than his personality.

    6) Saying “you look amazing” sounds like you’re trying to flatter him.

    7) Saying “you look awesome” is just plain weird.

    8) Saying “you look cool” is redundant.

    9) Saying “you look fine” is rude.

    10) Saying “you look good” is redundant.

    When to Say “I Like Your Style”

    If you’re talking to a man who seems attractive, compliment him on his appearance. But be careful not to overdo it. Men hate being told they look great when they don’t feel that way.

    Instead, say something like, “Hey, you look pretty handsome today.” This lets him know you noticed his style, but doesn’t come off as too personal.

    Men appreciate compliments, especially when they’re sincere. So if you notice a man looking good, tell him. He’ll thank you later.

    Final summary

    Body language plays a huge role in determining whether someone likes you or not. So pay attention to yours and others, and don’t let anyone take advantage of you!