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  1. In the dating world, a unicorn is a person who can be a couple’s third — someone who is down to mingle with both members of an established couple without any strings attached. This may sound complicated, but it’s really not. Unicorns are those individuals who are accepted and welcomed into couples as a third person, without ever becoming emotionally attached or expecting commitment from either of the two in the couple.

    The term “unicorn” is used to describe this type of relationship because they are considered rare and hard to find — just like a real life unicorn! The unicorn might be expected to date or have sex with both members of the couple, or only one partner at a time; it depends on what the couple desires and agrees upon.

    Unicorn hunting is especially popular among couples looking for threesomes, where each member of the three-person group has their own role to play in pleasing (or being pleased by) each other. Because there can be no drama or competition between all parties involved in the relationship arrangement, it becomes easier for everyone involved to focus solely on pleasure and satisfaction.

    So if you ever find yourself interested in joining an existing couple for some fun activities, remember that etiquette is key! Show your potential unicorn partners respect and make sure that your needs and wants line up properly before getting too deeply entwined—because once you do, things could get complicated quickly!

    Introduction – Definition of “Unicorn”

    A “unicorn” is a term used in the dating world to describe someone who is considered a perfect match–someone who is intelligent, attractive, and highly compatible with you in all aspects. Unicorns are typically rare finds, so if you’re lucky enough to find one, it can be magical!

    The origin of the phrase “unicorn” relates to how supposed unicorns were thought to be mythical creatures – unless you believe opposite legends that these fantastical creatures do exist. By paralleling this belief with the idea of finding someone truly special in your life, discovering a unicorn might well make feel like you found a real-life mythical creature!

    In essence, being called or calling someone else a “unicorn” means that they have some very desirable qualities that make them an ideal partner for you or for whoever gave them the title.

    History of the Unicorn Term in Online Dating

    The term ‘unicorn’ first became popular in online dating in the early 2010s. It was first used as a way for couples who wanted to invite a third person into their relationship without causing any emotions to be attached. The term ‘unicorn’ comes from the idea that finding someone interested and able to join an existing couple is extremely rare, much like a unicorn.

    These days, the term ‘unicorn’ is applied to both men and women who are interested in joining an existing couple. They often may have different expectations than just casual sexual encounters and may hope for deeper connections with both members of the couple. Some unicorns can become friends with the couple or even romantic partners after being added to the relationship.

    In more recent years, some criticism has been leveled at unicorns for enabling polyamorous relationships without proper consent from all parties involved. It’s important for everyone entering a unicorn arrangement to discuss expectations beforehand and make sure everyone feels comfortable with their role in the relationship before diving in head-first.

    Reasons why People Seek a Unicorn

    People seek a unicorn because they’re looking to explore their sexuality or to add a little extra excitement and experimentation to their relationship. Being in a “thruple” (as some people call it) is becoming more and more popular among younger generations, who are increasingly trying novel ways to explore relationships and create new emotional connections.

    Unicorn dating also offers the potential for non-monogamous relationships that highlight the communication, trust and commitment between two partners. For some couples, having a third person involved can help them take their relationship to the next level by introducing new layers of intimacy and pleasure. This can lead to an incredibly fulfilling lovers’ triangle with strong bonds between all three individuals.

    The idea of being part of a three-person relationship can be appealing for other reasons too, such as breaking down traditional gender roles by including someone who is agender or nonbinary, seeking someone with different body types or other physical characteristics than your own partner, or finding another partner who identifies within different areas on the sexuality spectrum. Each couple’s reasons for searching for a unicorn partner may vary but often have the same underlying theme – seeking out something unique!

    Types of Relationships that Unicorns are Looking For

    Unicorns are typically bisexual people who are looking for different types of relationships. The most common type of relationship is a “throuple”—basically a romantic triad relationship including three people. Unicorns might also be interested in polyamory, swinging, open relationships, and more.

    Most often, unicorns are attracted to couples who have an established relationship and are looking for a third to come into the relationship. Couples should be up front with potential unicorns about their expectations in the relationship and make sure that everyone is on the same page about what kind of arrangement they are searching for.

    Within these polyamorous arrangements, boundaries should be established to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and respected within their relationship dynamic. Consent is always necessary from all persons involved in any situation involving multiple partners. It’s important to communicate with respect while keeping an open dialogue between members to get as much information as possible before deciding whether or not you would like someone to join your relationship.

    Pros and Cons of Being a Unicorn in the Dating Scene

    Being a unicorn in the dating scene means that you’re free to explore relationships with multiple people rather than limiting yourself to just one partner. While there are some great advantages, there can also be drawbacks to being a unicorn.

    The Pros of being a Unicorn include experiencing various types of physical intimacy and emotional connection with multiple partners that can bring incredible joy and comfort. In addition, third-parties often bring less drama than two couples due to only one existing relationship between the two parties directly involved. Finally, it can offer tremendous flexibility when it comes to communication and scheduling, as each partner doesn’t need to be available at all times.

    On the flip side, the Cons include potential feelings of isolation as all parties’ commitments are not equal due to different timelines involved in forming different kinds of relationships with each of the other partners. Additionally, it could create complicated emotional dynamics between all parties which must be appropriately managed in order for everyone involved to remain comfortable and respected. Finally, if someone else brings an STD into the mix this could lead to serious health risks for the other partners involved which everyone needs to consider before partaking in any such arrangements.

    Overall, Being a Unicorn in the dating scene can offer some amazing opportunities for something new but also comes along with accompanying risks and downsides that must all be considered carefully by everyone involved before embarking on such exciting new adventures!