What happens when Granny sees Slendrina?


What happens when Granny sees Slendrina? looking forward to your answers

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  1. Granny is not happy about her grandson’s new girlfriend, she wants him back home with her. She calls his mobile phone repeatedly but gets no answer. Frustrated, she decides to call his boss at the office to ask why he hasn’t shown up for work for three days now. His Boss tells her that he has gone on a business trip to New York. When asked about his whereabouts, he lies and says that he is working late at the office.

    Meanwhile, Slendrina keeps calling Granny every day to apologize for being away from home without informing her. On the seventh day, she finally reaches her granny and asks her forgiveness. But Granny isn’t ready to forgive her yet. In fact, she is still furious and demands that she should leave her house immediately.

    Slendrina realizes that her time is running out and leaves her house desperately looking for ways to convince Granny to take her back. As luck would have it, she finds herself wandering into a pet shop owned by a lovely old lady named Rose. Seeing her desperate situation, Rose offers to help her out and promises to return her home within 12 hours. With hope in her heart, Slendrina agrees to wait for Rose at her place.

    Rose drives fast and recklessly through traffic towards her destination. After driving for several hours, she arrives at her client’s place just in time. To her surprise, the doorbell rings and she hears voices inside the house. Curious, she opens the front door and walks in. There she meets her client and his grandmother. Her client introduces himself as Kevin and explains that his Grandmother had hired her to drive them to New York. He also mentions that his grandfather is very sick and needs urgent medical treatment.

    Kevin’s grandmother welcomes Rose warmly and shows her to the room where her grandfather is lying down. While Rose checks on his condition, Kevin’s grandmother goes to prepare dinner. Soon, dinner is served and Rose joins them while Kevin stays outside to talk on the phone.

    After dinner, Kevin’s grandma suggests that Rose stay overnight because tomorrow is Christmas Eve and she might want to spend the holiday with her family. Reluctantly, Rose agrees. That night, Rose sleeps peacefully listening to the sound of laughter coming from downstairs. Suddenly, she hears footsteps upstairs and peeps into the room. To her horror, she discovers that Kevin and his grandmother are having sex right under her nose.

    She screams loudly and rushes out of the room in a hurry. Unfortunately, she trips over something and falls down the stairs. Hearing her fall, Kevin rushes to check on her and helps her up. They both realize that Rose has lost her memory. Unable to remember anything, she starts crying uncontrollably. Kevin comforts her and takes her to his room.

    He tries hard to cheer her up by playing music and dancing with her. Eventually, she smiles and remembers everything. She thanks him profusely for taking care of her and apologizes for causing trouble. Kevin assures her that it’s okay and invites her to join them for breakfast the next morning.

    As soon as they wake up, they hear loud noises coming from downstairs. Puzzled, they rush downstairs to discover that it’s Santa Claus bringing presents for everyone. Kevin and his grandmother thank him for visiting them and wish him Merry Christmas.

    Santa replies that he wishes the same to them and departs happily leaving behind lots of gifts for everyone. Kevin gives Rose one of his presents which turns out to be a beautiful necklace. Overjoyed, she hugs him tightly. Kevin returns the hug and whispers sweet nothings into her ears.

    The End

    The story continues…

    Granny was very excited to receive her gift basket filled with delicious treats. She loved everything inside, especially the cookies shaped like slendrinas. But she couldn’t wait to share them with her friends at work. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize that the cookie cutter had been left out of the box. So instead of making cookies shaped like slendrines, she made cookies shaped like…slendermen!

    Now everyone knows Granny loves cookies, but no one wants to eat slimy men. The next day, Granny went back to work and shared her cookies with her coworkers. They were horrified! They told Granny that slimy men aren’t edible and shouldn’t be eaten.

    But Granny wasn’t worried. She knew that her slendrines would taste great and that her coworkers wouldn’t mind eating slimy men. And besides, she’d already tasted them and found them delicious.

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    Granny doesn’t understand technology. She thinks she needs to be able to download apps onto her phone just like everyone else. So when she tries to watch a YouTube video on her smartphone, she ends up watching a blank screen.

    She calls me at work because she wants to know what happened. I tell her to go back to the video and try again. This time, she watches the whole video. But when she clicks play, nothing happens.

    That’s right! The video isn’t playing anymore. What happened? Well, Granny clicked the wrong button. Instead of clicking play, she accidentally clicked pause.

    When she does that, the video stops playing. And since there was no sound, she didn’t hear any music. So she thought the song had ended.

    But it hasn’t. The video keeps playing until the very last second. Then, the video automatically plays the ending credits.

    And that’s where things get interesting. After the credits finish rolling, Granny finds herself looking at a brand new video. One that starts off exactly like the original video did. Except now…it’s longer!

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