What is black poly nation?


What is black poly nation? have you ever had such experience

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  1. Black Poly Nation is a group of Black queer/transgender individuals who seek to create a space for us to connect, support, and celebrate one another. We believe that our strength lies in our diversity and that together we can create a movement that brings awareness about issues affecting Black Queer/Transgender people.

    We also want to provide a safe space where we can share knowledge, resources, and build relationships.

    Our goal is to help educate others about the existence of Black Queer/Transgendered people and the challenges that we face.

    We hope to create a place where we can come together and discuss topics such as race, sexuality, gender identity, body image, mental health, self care, and much more.

    The History of Black Hair Care Products

    Black hair care products were created to address the needs of African American women who had been chemically straightened and bleached. They wanted natural looking hair that was soft and manageable.

    They developed formulas that used ingredients found in nature, including coconut oil, aloe vera, avocado oil, olive oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and honey. The result was a line of products called Black Poly Nation®.

    Today, Black Poly Nation® continues to be the leading brand of natural hair care products for African American women.

    Why Black Women Should Be Able To Express Themselves Through Their Hair

    Black women should be able to express themselves through their hair because we’re beautiful. We’re not just pretty faces; we’re powerful beings who deserve to be treated with respect.

    Our natural hair texture is unique and beautiful. Our hair is our crowning glory, and we shouldn’t let anyone tell us otherwise.

    We’ve been told our entire lives that our hair is too kinky, too curly, too nappy, too thick, too thin, too long, too short, too straight, too wavy, too frizzy, too oily, too dry, too greasy, too dirty, too brittle, too soft, too hard, too light, too dark, too coarse, too fine, too shiny, too dull, too tight, too loose, too stiff, too limp, too strong, too weak, too healthy, too unhealthy, too ugly, too pretty, too young, too old, too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too masculine, too feminine, too boyish, too girly, too sexy, too nerdy, too intellectual, too spiritual, too religious, too political, too liberal, too conservative, too educated, too uneducated, too rich, too poor, too famous, too infamous, too smart, too dumb, too athletic, too artistic, too musical, too funny, too serious, too crazy, too boring, too exciting, too ordinary, too extraordinary, too weird, too normal, too cool, too uncool, too hip, too square, too trendy, too retro, too modern, too American, too 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    Black polynation is a movement started by black women who believe that it’s important for them to be able to express themselves with their hair.