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  1. ENM (Ethical Non-Monogamy) is a form of relationship design based on mutual agreement and open communication to experience intimate relationships with others outside of the primary partnership. This form of consensual non-monogamy includes various types of ethical open relationships, branch swinging, solo polyamory, triad arrangements and more. Involving other partners in your relationship (if all parties agree to do so) can bring tremendous amounts of fun, fulfillment and often intimacy into your lives; however it also can be an emotionally challenging process rife with potential pitfalls.

    Therefore ENM dating requires honest communication from all participants in order to lay down some ground rules that everyone adheres too. This helps create agreed expectations for everyone going into the relationship, ensuring potential issues are discussed before getting involved with someone new. Such expectations can include how much time you spend together with multiple partners, how much truth telling becomes expected from all parties, who has veto rights over prospective partners and even when certain boundaries or limits must be respected for individuals involved in the arrangement.

    All these factors must come into consideration when setting up an ENM relationship and by abiding by this mutual agreement between everyone involved the chances of successful outcomes are greatly improved.


    ENM stands for” Ethical Non-Monogamy.” This term was coined to describe relationship configurations that involve more than two people, such as polyamorous relationships and triads.

    In dating, ENM is a form of ethical nonmonogamy that is consensual, protected from STI’s, consensual, and respectful. It does not necessarily involve sexual relationships, but could include other forms of loving connection such as romantic friendship or love without commitment. These types of relationships are negotiated between the parties and broadly accepted by society as modern expressions of human sexuality.

    When entering an ENM relationship all parties agree on certain values like honesty and communication before being involved with each other. This allows individuals to explore multiple forms of intimacy while still valuing their emotions and boundaries – even with multiple partners involved in the relationship. Everyone who participates in the relationship should clearly know what type of relationship they are seeking out and the expectations that have been set by those involved. If this is done without clarity or consent it results in unlawful behavior which is frowned upon for any type of nonmonogamous relationship or activity.

    What is Ethical Non-Monogamy?

    Ethical non-monogamy (ENM) is an umbrella term used to describe a wide range of dating behaviors and practices outside of traditional monogamy. It includes activities such as open relationships, polyamory, swinging, solo polyamory and polygamy.

    Essentially, ENM involves making ethical decisions about how you will manage intimacy and relationships with more than one partner. This means that all parties involved are free to express their sexual desires, while also maintaining mutual respect and caring for each other’s emotional wellbeing.

    At its core, ENM is all about communication, boundaries, respect and consent. If you want to engage in this kind of relationship style it is important that everyone involved has a clear understanding of who they are dating and what kind of relationship each person wants out of the arrangement.

    It is important to remember that there is no one way to do ENM correctly – ultimately it comes down to finding what works best for your circumstances.

    Key Principles of ENM

    The key principles of ENM, or Ethical Non-Monogamy, are rooted in open communication and consent. That means that all parties involved must agree to the terms of a relationship and engage in mutual understanding for ENM to work.

    An essential aspect of ethical non-monogamy is communicating personal boundaries with respect to emotional attachment prior to engaging in any sexual or romantic activities with multiple partners. It’s also important to remember that because all relationships differ, some people may use different terms like ‘swinging’ or ‘polygamy’ interchangeably with ENM. Ultimately, each party should establish ground rules which both partners adhere to—and regularly maintains clear communication regarding these guidelines!

    Types of Ethical Non-Monogamy

    When it comes to ethical non-monogamy (or ENM), there are several different forms of consensual, honest and open relationships which may include:

    1. Polyamory – A romantic relationship that involves more than two people. Everyone involved is aware and consenting to the relationship.

    2. Swinging – This type of ENM involves couples engaging in sexual activities with other couples or individuals. This can be done privately or in a group environment.

    3. Open Relationships – These involve having intimate encounters with people outside the primary relationship but still maintaining an emotional connection and commitment to the existing partner(s).

    4. Queerplatonic Relationships – These do not fall within traditional definitions of what is considered “romantic”, but rather meaningful relationships that provide nurturing and support for each person involved.

    Why People Choose ENM

    People choose to engage in the ENM (Ethical Non-Monogamy) dating lifestyle because it often offers more autonomy than traditional monogamous relationships. The key to a successful ENM relationship is communication, as both partners must be honest and clear about their intentions and expectations. In turn, this eliminates traditional relationship pitfalls such as cheating and lying.

    Perhaps one of the best aspects of engaging in an ENM relationship is that both partners are free to express themselves fully without the fear of hurting each other’s feelings or straining the relationship. This freedom can encourage deeper exploration of oneself and what makes them happy from activity with partners or alone – which can lead to far greater satisfaction in all aspects of relationships, not just sexual ones . Additionally, it provides an opportunity for companionship on matters regarding emotional support, shared interests, intellectual pursuits or everything else in between.

    For these reasons and many others, ENM dating is becoming increasingly popular among singles who are looking for something deeper than simple casual hookups but less than a standard committed relationship.