What is feeling before love?


What is feeling before love? share your thoughts

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  1. Love is something that cannot be explained in words. Love is not just about being attracted to someone; it is a feeling which makes you want to spend time with them. When you fall in love, you start thinking about them every minute of the day. There is a special bond between you and your lover. You become attached to him/her. You care for them and want to protect them. You may also want to share your feelings with them. But, you don’t want to tell anyone else because you fear rejection.

    You might feel lonely without your loved one. You may feel jealous when he/she talks to others. You may feel angry at times. You may feel happy whenever you talk to your beloved. These are some of the emotions that come along with falling in love.

    When you fall in love, your heart beats faster and you begin to smile more often. Your face lights up when you hear his/her name. You may feel nervous when you are away from your loved one. You miss him/her when you are separated. You may feel sad when you part ways.

    These are some of the signs that show you are in love.

    Feeling Before Love – The Magnet Effect

    When we’re attracted to someone, there’s usually a feeling of attraction or magnetism. This feeling often precedes falling in love.

    This feeling is called the “magnet effect.” And it’s not just physical attraction. We feel this way when we fall for someone who isn’t physically attractive.

    We also feel this way when we meet someone who doesn’t seem interested in us. But we still find ourselves drawn to them.

    Why does this happen? Our brains are wired to seek out positive experiences. So when we experience negative feelings, our brain seeks out positive ones.

    That’s why we tend to attract people who aren’t physically attractive. They give off positive vibes. We’re drawn to them because we sense that they’re friendly and open-minded.

    And that’s why we tend to be drawn to those who aren’t interested in us. They give off a vibe of indifference. We sense that they’re closed-off and uninterested.

    But here’s the catch. We only notice these positive feelings after we’ve fallen in love. So if you’re looking for love, you need to pay close attention to the person’s body language.

    If he or she gives off a warm, inviting vibe, you may already be in love. If not, keep reading.

    Why Do We Feel This Way?

    We feel this way because we’re wired to be attracted to certain things. Our brains are hardwired to seek out mates who share our genes.

    This is called natural selection. The survival of the fittest. And when we find someone who shares our genetic code, we feel happy and satisfied.

    But sometimes we meet someone who doesn’t share our genes, and we feel unhappy and unsatisfied.

    That’s because we’re not wired to be attracted to those people. They just aren’t genetically compatible.

    And that’s okay. We don’t need them anyway. But there’s no reason to feel bad about it.

    Because we’re wired to seek out mates who match us, we should only date people who are genetically compatible.

    If you’re looking for love, you should only date people who share your DNA.

    And if you’re already dating someone, you should only marry someone who shares your DNA.

    When we’re single, we shouldn’t waste time trying to attract people who aren’t genetically compatible. We should spend our energy attracting people who are genetically compatible instead.

    And when we’re married, we shouldn’t waste any time finding ways to keep our relationship strong. We should spend every moment making our marriage stronger.

    Because we’re naturally wired to seek out mates with similar genetics, we should only date and marry people who share our DNA.

    And if we’re already married, we should only divorce people who share our DNA too.

    What Does It Mean For Us?

    Love is a powerful emotion. But what does it mean for us? What does it feel like? And how can we use this knowledge to our advantage?

    When we fall in love, we experience feelings of happiness, excitement, fear, jealousy, insecurity, and many others. These emotions are natural responses to falling in love. They’re meant to help us cope with the situation at hand.

    But when these feelings become overwhelming, they can be destructive. We may act out of character, break promises, or hurt ourselves or others. This is because we’ve lost control over our emotions.

    We need to learn to recognize when we’re experiencing these emotions and take steps to calm them down. Once we do, we can regain control and return to normal behavior.

    If you’re struggling with any of these emotions, try writing about them here. Then ask yourself, “How can I use this information to my advantage?”

    Final point

    Falling in love is one of life’s most beautiful experiences. But what happens when you feel fear about falling in love with someone? You may find yourself avoiding the person who makes you feel this way. And while it might seem irrational, it could actually be very helpful to learn how to control your emotions so you don’t end up hurting anyone.