What is it called when a couple adds a third?


What is it called when a couple adds a third? have you ever had such experience

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  1. It’s called triad.

    A few months ago, I came across a video of a young lady who had just discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her with his best friend. She was devastated and wanted to kill herself. Her boyfriend told me he didn’t want to lose her because she was the mother of his child. He said he felt guilty about being unfaithful to her.

    He asked me to help him figure out how to break up with her without hurting her feelings. We talked for several days and finally he broke up with her via text. When she read it, she burst into tears.

    She said she never thought anyone could ever hurt her as much as he did. She cried and cried. After a while, she stopped crying and went back to her normal self.

    Then she started talking about how she wanted to get revenge on him. She said she wanted to start seeing someone else. I advised her not to pursue revenge, which is something she really wanted to do. Instead, I suggested she focus on getting over her pain and moving on.

    After a month, she texted me again and thanked me for helping her through such hard times. She also said she wasn’t interested in starting anything serious with anyone right now.

    That’s when I realized that she still loved him. Even though he cheated on her, she still cared about him. And that’s why I call them ‘love triangles.’ They’re not necessarily romantic relationships. But they are real relationships.

    Triads are common among couples. Most often, one member of the relationship feels neglected and wants to change things up. Or maybe they don’t feel valued at all. That’s when the other person steps in and becomes the third wheel.

    They may not realize it until later, but they’ve become part of a triangle. Triangles are very common in the world of relationships. In fact, almost every relationship involves some form of a triangle.

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    This is known as a postnuptial invitation. The term comes from the Latin phrase post nuptials, meaning “after marriage.”

    Postnups are usually given at the reception venue, where guests meet after the ceremony. This gives couples a chance to introduce each other to friends and family members who may not be aware of the relationship.

    Final Answer

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