What is you looking for in a woman?


What is you looking for in a woman? help me find the answer

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  1. You should look for a woman who is smart, funny, attractive, independent, ambitious, and down to earth. She must also be honest, trustworthy, kind, loving, caring, and understanding. A woman who knows her worth and loves herself.

    A woman who is not afraid to show off her body. Who wants to share her life with me. Who is ready to take care of my needs. Who enjoys being spoiled and pampered.

    She must be willing to travel, cook, clean, laugh at my jokes, dance, sing, and play sports. She must enjoy spending time together doing fun stuff. She must want to spend quality time with me.

    She must be spontaneous, adventurous, romantic, passionate, sensual, sexy, and playful. She must be confident, intelligent, beautiful, and unique. She must be interested in politics, religion, health, fitness, fashion, music, movies, books, and food.

    She must be a lover and a fighter. She must be strong enough to handle anything I throw at her. She must be loyal, patient, forgiving, and supportive. She must be a great listener.

    She must be able to keep secrets. She must be able to trust me. She must be able and willing to support me in whatever I decide to pursue.

    She must not be judgmental. She must respect others opinions. She must be able accept criticism without becoming defensive. She must be able tolerate failure.

    She must be humble and selfless. She must be a leader. She must have integrity. She must be a perfectionist. She must be organized. She must be driven. She must be responsible.
    What is you looking for in a woman?

    She must be honest. She must be sincere. She must be loyal. She must be faithful. She must be truthful. She must be trustworthy. She must be dependable. She must be compassionate.

    She must be physically fit. She must have a positive attitude. She must be a hard worker. She must be creative. She must be a dreamer. She must be spiritual. She must be a risk taker.

    She must be adventurous. She must be fearless. She must be bold. She must be courageous. She must be daring. She must be brave. She must be determined. She must be persistent.

    She must love herself first

    If you’re looking for a relationship, you need to be able to attract women who are attracted to you.

    That means she needs to feel confident and comfortable enough to open her heart to you. She needs to feel safe and secure enough to let down her guard and trust you. And most importantly, she needs to feel loved and appreciated by you.

    To help you find the right woman, here are some things to consider when dating:

    • Do you share similar values?

    • Are you compatible?

    • Is she interested in you?

    • Does she respect you?

    • Can you communicate well together?

    • Do you have common interests?

    • What does she like to do?

    • What makes her laugh?

    • What makes you happy?

    She must know how to treat a man like a king

    Women who know how to treat men like kings deserve to be treated like royalty themselves. And not just any royal treatment�a true queen knows how to treat her man like a king. She treats him like he’s the most important person in the world, she makes him feel special, and she shows him that she adores him.

    That’s why when you’re dating a real queen, you should expect nothing short of a royal experience. The same goes for women who know how to treat a guy like a king. They show him that they adore him, they make him feel special, and they let him know that he’s the most important man in the world.

    If you’ve ever been lucky enough to date a true queen, you know exactly what I’m talking about. But if you haven’t yet met a woman who knows how to treat a man right, keep reading. There are many ways to find a woman who knows how treat a man like a King.

    She must be able to cook

    Cooking is a skill that women possess naturally. They’re born knowing how to prepare food, and they’ve been doing it since birth. So when it comes to finding a partner who cooks well, there’s no need to worry about whether she knows her way around the stove.

    However, if you’re looking for a relationship that lasts longer than just dinner dates, then you should consider a woman who enjoys cooking. She may not be able to whip up a gourmet meal every night, but she’ll definitely appreciate having someone to share meals with.

    If you’re interested in meeting a woman who loves to cook, then join a community group where you can meet local singles. The groups usually include events where members can socialize over drinks and appetizers.

    Once you find a group that fits your lifestyle, simply introduce yourself and ask if anyone would like to go out for coffee or lunch. Then, strike up a conversation and let the sparks fly!

    What is you looking for in a woman?


    Don’t settle for anything less than perfection when dating someone. You deserve nothing less!

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