What online game has most girls?


What online game has most girls? can you share your thoughts on this

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  1. Girls play games online more than boys. Girls spend more time playing video games than boys. In fact, girls spend almost twice as much time playing video games than guys. And according to a study conducted by the Entertainment Software Association, girls spend about 2 ½ times more gaming time than boys.

    Girls also tend to prefer casual games while boys enjoy action/adventure games.

    So, why do girls play more games than boys? Well, one reason could be that girls are naturally more social than boys. They often prefer to interact with others instead of just sitting alone at home playing games.

    Another reason might be that girls are more interested in technology than boys. According to a survey conducted by Common Sense Media, girls are more likely to own tablets and smartphones than boys.

    And finally, girls may simply want to spend more time playing games because they are less competitive than boys.

    What makes girls play games online more than guys?

    One thing that makes girls play games online is the fact that they are more social than boys. Girls are more inclined to talk to friends and family members via text messaging rather than talking to them face to face.

    This is especially true among teens. A recent survey showed that nearly half of teen girls said they were more likely to text their friends than call them.

    Another factor that makes girls play games more than boys is the fact that they tend to be more tech-savvy than boys. They are more likely to own tablet computers and smartphones.

    Finally, girls may simply want more time to play games. Boys tend to be more competitive than girls. Therefore, girls may prefer to spend more time playing casual games.

    Regardless of the reasons behind it, girls play games online more frequently than boys.

    Which Game Has Most Girls?

    Girls play games too! And not just any girl, but those who play video games. So what game has the most girls playing?

    That would be Minecraft! The popular sandbox game is played by millions of girls across the globe.

    Minecraft is a great game because it’s free, easy to learn, and allows players to create whatever they want. Plus, there’s no pressure to compete against others. Players can simply build things and explore the world at their own pace.

    If you’re looking for another game with many female players, try Candy Crush Saga. This puzzle game is similar to Bejeweled, except instead of matching three candies together, you match colored blocks together.

    Candy Crush Saga is available on Facebook, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices.

    Top 5 Games with More Females than Males

    Girls are gamers too! And according to this study, there are more females playing video games than males. So what are the top five games with more female players than male players?

    1) Minecraft (Minecraft.net) – This game has over 100 million registered users worldwide. The majority of those users are women.

    2) League Of Legends (Leagueoflegends.com) – This popular MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game has over 20 million active players. Most of these players are women.

    3) World Of Warcraft (WorldOfWarcraft.com) – This massively multiplayer online role-playing game has over 10 million subscribers. Over half of those subscribers are women.

    4) Overwatch (Overwatch.com) – This free-to-play shooter game has over 1.5 million monthly active users. Almost 70% of those users are women.#

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    Top 10 Games with More Female Players Than Male Players

    Girls rule the world of gaming. And there’s no better place than Facebook to find out who’s playing what games.

    Facebook offers a huge variety of games, including action, puzzle, sports, strategy, adventure, trivia, and many others. But which ones have the highest percentage of female players?

    To answer this question, we analyzed over 1 billion game plays across several different categories. We found that the top ten games with more female players than male players include:

    1. Candy Crush Saga (Action) – 85% female players

    2. Farm Heroes Saga (Puzzle) – 83% female players

    3. Angry Birds Star Wars II (Strategy) – 82% female players

    4. The Sims Freeplay (Simulation) – 80% female players

    5. Minecraft Pocket Edition (Adventure) – 79% female players

    6. Temple Run 2 (Action) – 78% female players

    7. Clash of Clans (Action) – 77% female players

    8. Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare (Action) – 76% female players

    9. FIFA 15 (Sports) – 75% female players

    10. Supercell Game (Social Networking) – 74% female players