What should I sext a girl?


What should I sext a girl? looking forward to the answers from the community

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  1. Sexting is one of the best ways to express yourself sexually. People often ask me about the right way to text a girl. Well, I am going to share my tips with you.

    1) Be honest. Don’t lie. She might not believe you at first, but eventually she will understand that you were just being honest.

    2) Tell her exactly what you want. Make sure that you don’t leave anything out.

    3) Ask her if she wants to sext. If she says yes, great. Now you can start texting her.

    4) Do not send nude images. That’s gross.

    5) Send sexy texts. Saying something like “You look really cute today” or “I wish I could kiss you right now” makes her feel special.

    6) Keep your messages short. No more than 10 words per message.

    7) Don’t forget to smile. Smiling makes you seem happier and less serious.

    8) Try to keep your messages fun and lighthearted. Don’t take it too seriously.

    9) Always remember to thank her. A simple “thank you” goes a long way.

    10) Never ever send explicit photographs or videos without asking permission first.

    The Best Sexting Tips

    Sexting is sending sexy photos of yourself via cell phone. Most girls send nudes because they’re curious and/or horny. But some guys just want to be jerks. So here are the top tips to help you avoid being a jerk when sexting.

    1) Don’t ask her to meet you at a public place. This is not only creepy, but it makes it harder for her to say no.

    2) Be honest. Tell her you’re attracted to her and would like to see her naked. Then tell her she looks hot. She may feel flattered, but she won’t respond well if you lie to her.

    3) Ask permission. Before taking any pictures, ask her whether she wants to be photographed. If she says yes, then take a picture of her face and nothing else.

    4) Send her a photo of yourself. The last thing you want is to send a photo of your junk and have her laugh at you.

    5) Keep it safe. Never share your password with anyone. And never use your real name online.

    6) Use a fake email address. There’s nothing wrong with having a fake email address, but it’s better to keep it separate from your personal account.

    7) Delete the photo after you’ve sent it. No matter how tempting it is to save the photo, delete it right away. Otherwise, you risk getting caught.

    8) Avoid sending nude pics to strangers. Even though you may think you’re anonymous, there’s still a possibility that you could end up in jail.

    9) Make sure your phone camera isn’t too bright. If you’re going to take a picture, turn off the flash.

    10) Take a shower. Your body odor is very strong, especially when you’re nervous. So wash up beforehand.

    11) Wear clean underwear. Dirty underwear can leave a bad impression.

    Texting Rules

    If you’re going to sext a girl, here are some rules to keep in mind:

    1) Don’t send unsolicited pictures. This includes photos of yourself naked, photos of her friends, and any other type of picture she doesn’t ask for.

    2) Never send nude pictures. Even if she asks for them, never send them. The only exception would be if she asked for them specifically because she wanted to see you naked.

    3) Always use discretion when sending pictures. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of sending a picture, don’t do it.

    4) Be careful who you send pictures to. Sending inappropriate pictures to minors is illegal.

    5) Keep your phone number private. Don’t share your cell phone number with anyone.

    6) Use common sense. If you feel uncomfortable sending a picture, don’t do it.

    7) Make sure you’re ready to receive a response. If you’re not prepared to answer questions or respond to messages, don’t send them.

    8) Know where you stand. If you’re unsure whether you’re overstepping boundaries, talk to your parents or a trusted adult.

    9) Have fun. Texting girls is supposed to be fun. So go ahead and have fun! But remember, there are serious consequences if you cross the line.

    10) Don’t forget to delete your texts after receiving a response. If you accidentally sent a picture or video to the wrong person, just delete it right away. Otherwise, you may end up getting busted for child pornography.

    When Should You Send Them Nudes?

    Nude photos are great because they’re sexy, but not too sexy. They’re just right!

    Generally speaking, sending nudes at least once every two weeks is enough to keep her interested. But if she wants more than that, send them more often.

    If you send nude photos too frequently, though, she may feel pressured and resentful toward you. So be careful when deciding how often to send her nudes.

    Also, remember that she doesn’t need to reciprocate. She doesn’t owe you any pictures. And if she does send you some, don’t ask for more.

    Just let things happen naturally. Don’t push her to send you more pictures. And don’t worry if she sends you a picture of herself naked. That’s perfectly normal.

    And if she asks you to take a photo of yourself naked, say no. You don’t need to prove anything to her.

    But if you decide to send her a nude photo, be sure to include a caption. Tell her why you sent it. What did you like about her body? Or what was special about this particular moment?

    That way, she’ll appreciate the fact that you took the time to capture this special moment in her life.

    Also, don’t forget to delete these photos after you’ve shared them with her. Otherwise, she’ll find them on Facebook or Google someday.

    And finally, never ever send nude photos to anyone who isn’t willing to receive them. This includes friends, family members, co-workers, and strangers.

    There’s nothing wrong with taking nude photos of yourself, but there’s definitely something wrong with sharing those photos with others.

    Remember, it’s not about proving anything to anyone. It’s about having fun and enjoying each other’s company.