What should your first Tinder pic be?


What should your first Tinder pic be? looking forward to the answers from the community

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  1. First off, don’t take a selfie. Take a picture of yourself doing something fun or interesting. Don’t worry about taking a great photo; just take one.

    Secondly, keep it simple. No filters, no fancy backgrounds, no weird poses. Just look natural and smile.

    Thirdly, don’t post anything too revealing. We want to see your face, not your junk. And please, no NSFW content.

    Lastly, don’t forget to tag us. That way we can find you later if we decide to swipe right.

    Should You Be More Attractive Than Your Profile Picture?

    This question was inspired by a recent study published in The Atlantic Monthly. Researchers found that women who were more attractive than their profile pictures received more matches than those whose photos were more attractive than them.

    If this holds true, then perhaps you should consider being more attractive than your profile picture. After all, when you’re looking at a photo of yourself, you’re judging whether or not you’d date that person. So if you’re more attractive than your profile pic, you may receive more matches.

    Of course, there are many factors involved in determining whether or not you should change your profile pic. But if you’re concerned about getting more matches, maybe you should consider changing your profile pic.

    The Best First Photo For A Match Is…

    First photos are important because they’re often the only photo a person has to share online. So when you upload your first picture to Tinder, make sure it’s a great representation of who you are.

    If you’re not confident in taking pictures, consider hiring a professional photographer to take your first photo. Or, just use a stock photo instead.
    What should your first Tinder pic be?

    But whatever you decide, make sure your first photo represents who you are and isn’t too cheesy or awkward.

    Also, keep in mind that your first photo doesn’t need to be taken at the same place where you meet your match. After all, you’ve already met them.

    And finally, remember that your first photo is the only impression you’ll ever give off to your date. Make sure it’s a positive one.

    What should your first Tinder pic be?


    It’s important to choose a profile picture that reflects who you really are. And while we know that selfies aren’t always flattering, they’re still better than no photo at all.

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