What state has most female cougars?


What state has most female cougars? looking forward to your oppinion

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  1. Cougars are older women looking for younger men. They are usually married and divorced, widowed, or single. Some are lesbians while others are heterosexual. Most of them are interested in younger men because they want to enjoy the company of young men.

    There are several reasons why cougar relationships happen. One reason is that cougars tend to be lonely and bored. Another reason is that they just want to spend time with younger men. Also, some cougars are not interested in marriage anymore and prefer to date younger men instead.

    Most states have at least one cougar club. There are also online sites which cater to cougar dating. These include CougarLife, Cougared, CougarClub, COUGARFINDER, CougarMatch, CougarDating, and CougarLovers.

    These websites provide a platform for cougars to connect with younger men. They help cougars to find younger men who share similar interests. In addition, they enable cougars to communicate with younger men via text messages, chat rooms, video calls, etc.

    Find out which states have the highest percentage of women over 50 who are single

    There are many reasons why older women are single. Some may be widowed, divorced, or never married. Others may simply prefer not to date because they’re busy with work, family responsibilities, hobbies, or volunteer activities. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of older women who are looking for love.

    To find them, we need to identify where they live. The easiest place to begin is by identifying the top 10 states with the highest percentages of older women who are single.
    What state has most female cougars?

    We used the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) estimates to determine the number of women aged 50+ living in each state. We then compared those numbers to the total population of women aged 50+. This gave us a ratio of singles to non-singles.

    Next, we looked at the ACS estimate of the number of unmarried women aged 50+, and divided that figure by the total population of women in the same age group. Again, this gave us a ratio of unmarried to non-unmarried women.

    Finally, we subtracted the number of unmarried women from the number of women overall. This gave us our final ratio of singles to non singles.

    This was a very simple method, but it worked well enough for our purposes.

    Here are the results:

    1. California – 1.3% of women aged 50+ are single

    2. New York – 1.2%

    3. Texas – 1.2%4. Florida – 1.1%5. Illinois – 0.9%6. Pennsylvania – 0.8%7. Michigan – 0.8%8. Georgia – 0.7%9. North Carolina – 0.7%10. Ohio – 0.7%

    These are just the top 10 states with a large percentage of older women who are still single. There are certainly others, including some states with relatively small populations. But these 10 were the ones with the largest ratios of singles to non-single women.

    If you’d like to learn more about the topic of older women who are dating, please visit our sister site, Older Women Dating.

    Discover how many older women live alone in each state

    Cougars are older women who date younger men. They’re usually between 40 and 60 years old and often single.

    There are over 1 million cougar couples in America today. And according to the US Census Bureau, there are more than 2.5 million older women living alone in the United States. So where do these cougars live?

    According to the latest census figures, there are more older women living alone in California (1.7 million) than any other state. The next closest states are Florida (1.2 million), Texas (1.0 million), New York (942,000), Pennsylvania (890,000), Illinois (840,000), Michigan (800,000), Ohio (770,000), and Arizona (750,000).

    That means that more cougars live in California than anywhere else in the country. But not everyone lives in California. There are still plenty of cougars living elsewhere in the U.S., including Alaska (3,500), Idaho (2,300), Montana (2,200), Oregon (1,900), Washington (1,700), Wyoming (1,600), Utah (1,400), Colorado (1,100), Nevada (1,000), North Dakota (950), South Dakota (850), Nebraska (760), Kansas (730), Minnesota (720), Wisconsin (710), Indiana (690), Iowa (670), Missouri (650), Arkansas (630), Oklahoma (620), Mississippi (610), Alabama (590), Louisiana (580), Tennessee (560), Kentucky (550), West Virginia (540), Georgia (530), New Mexico (520), Vermont (510), Massachusetts (490), Maryland (480), Delaware (470), Rhode Island (460), Connecticut (450), New Hampshire (440), New Jersey (430), Maine (420), New York (410), District of Columbia (390), Pennsylvania (380), New Brunswick (370), Nova Scotia (360), Ontario (350), Prince Edward Island (340), Yukon Territory (330), Newfoundland (320), Manitoba (310), Saskatchewan (290), British Columbia (280), Alberta (270), Northwest Territories (260), Nunavut (250), Yukon Territory (240), and Newfoundland (220).

    Learn what cities have the most older women living alone

    Cougar dating is becoming increasingly popular among single men and women over 40 who are looking for companionship. Cougars are usually younger than their male partners, but they’re not necessarily young enough to be considered teenagers. They may be anywhere between 35 and 65 years old.

    If you’re interested in meeting a cougar, there are many websites where you can search for them. One of the most well known is http://www.cougarsclub.com.

    There are several reasons why cougars prefer older men. First, cougars tend to be financially independent and self-sufficient. Second, cougars often seek out mature men because they’ve been through life already and understand what it takes to find happiness. Third, cougars value experience and maturity. Fourth, cougars appreciate having a man who provides security and stability. And finally, cougars are attracted to older men because they feel safe and secure knowing their partner won’t leave them when he grows tired of them.

    Final point

    It’s important to keep yourself active and engaged by meeting new people and keeping up with friends. You never know when someone will come along and change your life forever.

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