What to say you are looking for in a relationship?


What to say you are looking for in a relationship? looking forward to your oppinion

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  1. If you want to look for a long term relationship, you should write something about yourself. Tell them why you are interested in them. Write down your interests and hobbies. Be honest. Don’t lie.

    You should also tell them what kind of relationship you are looking for. Are you looking for friendship, casual hookups, serious relationships, etc.?

    Tell them what type of person you are looking for. Do you prefer tall, short, fat, skinny, black, white, Asian, Latino, etc.?

    Do not ask questions about their personal lives. They don’t have to answer yours.

    Make sure to include a picture of yourself. Make sure it’s recent.

    Don’t ask them to take a photo of themselves. That’s creepy.

    Be honest. Don’tsay you’re married. Don’t say you’re single. Don’tsay you’re looking for a one night stand.

    Ask them if they’re looking for anything specific. Ask them if they are looking for a long term relationship.
    What to say you are looking for in a relationship?

    Don’tsay you are looking for a sugar daddy. Say you are looking for friends.

    Don’tworry if you don’t fit the stereotype. There are lots of different types of people out there.

    Don’ttalk about religion. Religion is very important to some people. But others aren’t.

    Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

    If you’re afraid to say no, you won’t be able to meet many great people. And if you don’t meet enough people, you won’t find anyone who meets your criteria. So stop being afraid to say no.

    Instead, try saying yes when you mean yes, and no when you mean no. And remember, you can always change your mind later.

    Avoid Saying Yes When You Mean No

    If you’re not careful, saying yes when you mean no can be very costly. This happens because most people are afraid to say no because they fear rejection. But this fear often leads them to agree to things they don’t want to do.

    When you say yes to things you don’t want to do, you end up wasting time and energy. And you may find yourself agreeing to things you didn’t intend to do.

    Instead of saying yes when you mean yes, try saying no instead. Say no to things you don’t need or want. Then, ask yourself whether there’s any way you can change your mind later. If there isn’t, then you’ve said no.

    This technique works well for relationships too. Instead of saying yes when you don’t want to commit, say no. Then, ask yourself if there’s any way you could change your mind later.

    If there isn’t, then again, you’ve said no. So, avoid saying yes when you mean nay.

    Ask For More Information Before Making A Commitment

    If you’re interested in meeting someone, ask them questions. Ask about their interests, hobbies, career goals, family situation, etc.

    This gives you insight into who they are and helps you understand whether this person is right for you.
    What to say you are looking for in a relationship?

    Then, when you meet in real life, be prepared to talk about yourself. This shows interest and makes you seem approachable.

    When you ask someone out, you should tell them exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t just assume they know what you want. Tell them specifically what you’re looking for and give examples of things you’ve enjoyed together.

    Don’t forget to ask for more information before making a commitment.

    Give Yourself Time To Decide

    If you’re not careful, you may end up falling in love too soon. And when you fall in love too soon, you may be forced to marry someone who doesn’t meet your needs.

    When you’re ready to commit to someone, give yourself some space to decide whether this person meets your needs. Don’t rush into marriage because you feel pressured to find a partner. Give yourself time to decide.

    And remember, there’s no need to rush into marriage. Take things slowly and carefully. Make sure you’re making decisions based on facts rather than emotions.

    In review

    When you’re dating someone, don’t just assume they’ll like you because you’ve been friends with them for years. Instead, ask questions about their interests, hobbies, values, etc., so you know whether you’d enjoy spending time together.

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