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  1. The most important thing for you to keep in mind after your first date is to express your gratitude for the time that the other person spent with you.Sometimes it might be difficult to think of something original and genuine, but it’s worth taking the time to come up with a thoughtful words that make the other person feel valued and appreciated.

    Here are some ideas of what you can send:

    • I had a really great time getting to know about your life and experiences! Thanks for sharing with me.

    • Your company was enjoyable, thank you so much for inviting me out!

    • Last night was wonderful! Can’t wait until we do it again sometime soon.

    • It was such a pleasure meeting you yesterday and hearing all the amazing stories you told me. If I didn’t already have plans, I would definitely have hung around longer than I did – see ya soon!

    Follow up quickly

    When it comes to following up after a first date, don’t forget the cardinal rule: act fast! Nothing says “I’m not really interested” like taking days (or even worse, weeks) to follow up. This puts too much pressure on your date and makes them think you’re thinking about someone else.

    The best way to follow up after a first date is by sending a brief, but sweet text message within 24 hours of your last meeting. A simple “Had an amazing time with you last night!” can be enough to spark their memory and let them know that you enjoyed their company and would love to hear from them soon. If they respond, awesome! Chances are they enjoyed the date as much as you did and will want to plan another one soon.

    Thank them for the great time

    Texting is an easy way to let your date know you had a great time on the first date. You don’t have to say much, just a simple “I had such a great time tonight” will do. It’s always important to thank their effort and show that you appreciate their company.

    You can also add in something more personal to really give them a sense of accomplishment. Examples might include how much you enjoyed getting to know each other more, or even some joke that made you laugh during the date – something only they would understand. From there it’s always nice to let your date know that you’d love to see them again sometime soon, and suggest meeting up again soon. Your enthusiasm for a second or third date will make them feel appreciated and leave them feeling excited for future possibilities with you!

    Reference a funny moment from your date

    One of the best things you can do after a first date is to reference a funny moment that happened during your date. Something lighthearted, but still memorable, will go a long way in showing that you had fun and are interested in continuing the conversation.

    For example, when you send a follow-up text message you could write something like “That was so much fun! I’m still giggling about how we couldn’t figure out how to get the karaoke machine working!”. This will help spark a conversation and make it easier for both of you to open up and discuss topics further.

    You could also use this strategy to bring up pleasant memories from your time together. For instance writing, “It was so nice taking a walk in the park and watching the sunset together.” By noting sweet moments like these, it’s almost impossible for your date not to smile and share more amusing stories as well.

    Ask them how their day is going

    Texting after a first date is tricky business. You don’t want to seem too pushy or desperate, but you also want to leave the door open for a potential second date. A simple and polite way to break the ice is to ask how their day is going!

    Not only does asking about their day make it more likely that you’ll get a response, it also takes away any pressure – if they’re busy you won’t be pressuring them for an answer right away, and if they’re free they don’t feel like they have to come up with something witty or clever. Plus, it shows that you really care about how your date is doing!

    Asking how someone’s day is can lead to more in-depth conversations about what’s happening in each of your lives. In this respect, texting after the first date has several advantages: it’s not too intimidating, but it gives both of you time to think about whether or not there could be potential for another meetup down the road.

    “I hope you had a safe/fun journey home”

    One of the sweetest things you can do after a first date is to text them (if they don’t mind) to let them know that you hope they had a safe/fun journey home. Everyone wants to know that someone is thinking about them and cares about their wellbeing, especially after a first date.

    Plus, this kind of text can be taken as an indication that you enjoyed your date and that you’d like to see each other again – even if it’s not said explicitly. It can be taken as a sign that both you and your date are invested in getting to know each other more and want to see where things go with this budding relationship!

    By expressing genuine concern for the safety of your date, it helps show that not only did you have fun together, but also that you care about their wellbeing.