What turn ons do girls have?


What turn ons do girls have? share what’s on your mind

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  1. Girls want a lot of different things in a relationship. They want to be treated right, respected, loved, admired, appreciated, and cared about. They also want to be sexually attracted to their potential mate.

    They want to be desired and wanted. They want to be taken care of and pampered. They want to be cherished and adored. They want to be seen as beautiful and sexy. They want to be kissed and caressed. They want to be touched intimately. They want romance, passion, and adventure. And they want to be loved unconditionally.

    If you’re looking for a girlfriend, you should look at her eyes. She wants to see herself reflected back in them. Her eyes tell you everything she needs to hear. When you see yourself in her eyes, you’ll know she sees you just the way you are.

    When she looks at you, she wants to see you smile. A genuine smile shows her that you really enjoy being with her. That makes her happy.

    She wants to see you laugh. Laughter is contagious. When you start laughing, she starts smiling. When she smiles, she feels relaxed and happy.

    She wants you to touch her. Just touching her hand or arm sends chills down her spine. Touching her face lets her know you’re paying attention to her.

    She wants to be held close. Being held tight reassures her that you’re there for her. Holding her hands gives her confidence that you won’t let anything bad happen to her.

    She loves compliments. Compliments show her that you appreciate her. When you compliment her, she knows you’re thinking about her.

    She wants you near. She wants to be surrounded by your presence. She wants to be protected by you. She wants to be kept safe from harm.

    She wants to share intimate moments with you. Sharing intimate moments together builds trust and intimacy. Trust leads to respect. Respect leads to love. Love leads to commitment. Commitment leads to marriage. Marriage leads to children. Children lead to grandchildren. Grandchildren lead to great-grandchildren. Great-grandchildren lead to eternity. Eternity leads to heaven. Heaven leads to God. God leads to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ leads to salvation. Salvation leads to eternal life. Eternal life leads to paradise. Paradise leads to heaven.

    So, if you’re looking to date a girl, pay attention to her eyes. Look deep inside them and you’ll see what she’s feeling and thinking. Pay attention to her lips. Kiss her gently and softly. Hold her tenderly and lovingly. Tell her you love her. Tell her you adore her. Show her that you’ll always protect her.

    The Top 10 Most Common Sex Fantasies

    Sex fantasies are common among women. They’re not just limited to heterosexual relationships either. Women often fantasize about having sex with men, women, animals, robots, aliens, and even fictional characters.

    Women often share these sexual fantasies online through blogs, forums, chat rooms, and social media sites.

    Here are some of the most popular sex fantasies shared by women:

    1. Being dominated by a man

    2. Having sex with multiple partners at once

    3. Being tied up during sex

    4. Watching porn

    5. Getting spanked

    6. Being forced to perform oral sex

    7. Being raped

    8. Being made to watch others being sexually abused

    9. Being humiliated

    10. Being used as a sex toy

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    The Top 5 Turn Offs

    Girls are very picky when it comes to dating. They’re not interested in guys who are too short, overweight, balding, or smell bad. But they’re open to guys who are tall, handsome, clean shaven, and confident. So what turns them off?

    1) Bad hygiene – Girls hate guys who stink. They won’t date a guy whose breath stinks, and they definitely won’t kiss him.

    2) Poor grooming – Guys who wear dirty clothes and messy hair aren’t attractive to women.

    3) Unattractive appearance – Women prefer men who dress well and groom themselves nicely.

    4) Lack of confidence – Men need to be confident in order to attract women.

    5) Failure to meet expectations – Women expect men to be successful at work, financially stable, and emotionally mature.

    If you want to attract a girl, you must take care of yourself physically and mentally. Don’t let her down!

    The Top 3 Turn Ons

    Girls are visual creatures. They’re attracted to things that catch their eyes, whether it be a man’s smile, his body language, or his clothes. So when it comes to turning them on, men should pay attention to these three areas:

    1) Smile – The most important factor in attracting women is a guy who smiles. Women respond to smiling faces because it shows interest and makes them feel wanted.

    2) Body Language – Men need to learn how to use their bodies to attract women. This includes standing tall, making eye contact, leaning forward, and showing confidence.

    3) Clothes – Men should dress well, not too flashy, and wear clean, pressed clothing. Avoid wearing scruffy jeans and T-shirts.

    These tips work for guys of any age, but they’re especially effective at attracting younger women.

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    We hope this article will give you some ideas of how to spice up your love life with your partner.