When Did Rihanna And Asap Rocky Start Dating


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  1. Rihanna and ASAP Rocky first sparked dating rumors when they were spotted out together on a dinner in New York City in December 2020. Since then, the two stars have been spending more time together, sparking speculation that their relationship might be more serious.

    However, neither Rihanna nor Rocky have officially confirmed that they are dating. Though it is clear that the two stars have formed a close bond and enjoy spending time together. They have both posted pictures of themselves hanging out on social media and attend various events with each other as well.

    While Rihanna has said that she is single, she also indicated in an interview with British Vogue that there is someone special in her life right now. She was quoted saying: “I’m actually in an exclusive relationship for quite some time — and it’s going really well — so I’m happy.”

    Though they have yet to confirm their relationship status, fans can continue to speculate about whether or not the two are officially together!

    Background of both Rihanna & A$AP Rocky

    Rihanna and A$AP Rocky started dating in 2020 and the relationship soon gathered a lot of notoriety. But who exactly is Rihanna? Rihanna was born February 20, 1988 and is a Barbadian singer, songwriter, actress, diplomat and philanthropist. She has adopted her middle name as her professional name, so many fans refer to her simply as ‘Rih’.

    On the other hand we have A$AP Rocky (born Rakim Mayers) an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor from Harlem, New York City. He’s probably best known for his debut mixtape LiveLoveA$AP released in 2011 which is when he gained most of his recognition. More recently he’s taken part in some business ventures such as creative directing for MTVLab and launching his own streetwear brand called ‘AWGE’

    Relationship History of Both Artists Pre-Dating

    Prior to dating each other, both Rihanna and ASAP Rocky had notable romantic relationships with other celebrities in the music industry. Rihanna famously dated Chris Brown from 2007 to 2009. After their break-up, she then went on to date Canadian rapper Drake from 2010-2016. Following this, she eventually started a relationship with mogul Hassan Jameel in 2016 which lasted until 2020.

    As for ASAP Rocky, he was previously involved with fellow model Iggy Azalea from 2011-2012 as well as singer Rita Ora over the course of 2012 – 2013. Fast forward to 2015, he was also linked to supermodel Chanel Iman although nothing concrete ever materialized between them officially.

    It wasn’t until 2020 when both Rihanna and ASAP Rocky were spotted together out and about that they were first believed to be dating one another. Neither party has officially confirmed their relationship yet but based on recent sightings it seems like they are very much an item!

    Recent Speculation of Relationship

    Recently, speculation has been swirling around Rihanna and ASAP Rocky’s relationship status. While neither has officially confirmed they’re a couple, fans have spotted them together several times in recent months.

    In October 2020, the two were seen out together in New York City, where they grabbed dinner at a low-key spot. In December 2020, the duo was photographed out again in New York City’s East Village neighborhood. Reports say that they even took a romantic stroll through Central Park together later that same month.

    This continued back-and-forth has only added fuel to the fire for close followers of both artists as it continues to appear that their relationship is headed towards something more serious. Only time will tell if these moments are more than friends hanging out or if both stars are truly dating!

    Confirmation of Relationship by Sources

    It has been long known that Rihanna and ASAP Rocky were dating but it wasn’t until February 2021 that fans really started to believe it. That’s when a source close to the two confirmed their relationship in an interview with Vibe Magazine. The source said “Rihanna and A$AP have seen each other for quite some time and there was an attraction between them from the beginning. They’ve grown closer as a result of spending so much time together and are taking things one day at a time, enjoying each other’s energy.”

    The confirmation seemed to be the final piece of evidence fans had been looking for, which made it official. Photos of the couple began circulating around social media and fans got excited at seeing the two together. Despite the confirmation from sources, neither Rihanna nor ASAP Rocky have publicly commented on their rumoured relationship status.

    Timeline Breakdown of their Relationship

    Rihanna and ASAP Rocky first connected musically when they collaborated together on the song “Cocky” in 2018. The two began spending time together later that year, which sparked rumors of a potential relationship.

    In 2019, Rihanna and ASAP Rocky were spotted out for a dinner date in New York City following the Met Gala after-party. Later that summer, news outlets reported that the two had been seen vacationing in Italy together — further igniting rumors of a possible romance between them.

    The whispers culminated when they were photographed kissing at a Topshop store in NYC the following December. This confirmed that Rihanna and ASAP Rocky were officially an item.