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  1. Fran and Maxwell start dating in season 4 of the television sitcom The Nanny. Fran and Maxwell have an instant connection when they first meet, but it takes some time before their relationship develops into something deeper. In season 4, when the two finally become a couple after spending time helping each other out with problems in their lives.

    From then on, their relationship is strong as they both continue to work together and fall more in love with each other. They get engaged at the end of season 6, and are married in the series finale.


    Fran and Maxwell’s love story began when they first met in a university library. Both were studying for final exams and noticed each other from across the room. Maxwell was immediately smitten with Fran’s beauty, while Fran couldn’t take her eyes off of the confident, handsome young man perched nearby.

    From that moment, their bond only grew stronger. After passing their exams, they would meet up to study together in between classes and soon enough they were inseparable. It didn’t take long after that until Maxwell openly expressed his feelings to Fran during a romantic stroll around campus one night—finally confirming what both of them suspected since that fateful day at the library: they were head-over-heels in love with each other!

    And so with that proclamation of love, Fran and Maxwell officially started dating.

    Overview of Fran and Maxwell’s relationship leading up to their first date

    Fran and Maxwell’s relationship has been on a slow-burn since they first met each other at school. Although they often hung out in the same social circle, it wasn’t until their senior year of high school that they started to take an interest in each other.

    Fran and Maxwell slowly began to become more than just friends, flirting with one another and eventually starting to hang out in private together. As the months passed, their friendship grew stronger and soon Fran and Maxwell were telling each other about their deepest secrets and dreams for the future.

    Eventually Fran and Maxwell realized that this friendship was more than anything else, so they made plans to make things official by having their first official date. It was here that their romance really took off.

    Recall of the events that happened on their first date

    Fran and Maxwell’s first date began when Fran picked up Maxwell at his apartment. Once they were in the car, Maxwell asked her what her favorite place in town was. She told him about a small cafe she liked to visit, and that’s where they went for dinner.

    At the cafe, they talked about their lives and shared stories of childhood memories. They laughed a lot as they got to know each other better. After dinner, they took a walk around the town and stopped at an ice cream shop. As they ate their ice cream, they talked more about life and future plans.

    When their first date came to an end, Fran and Maxwell both knew this was something special! They decided on a second date right then and there, cementing one of TV’s greatest romances forever!

    Describing how their relationship developed over time

    Fran and Maxwell’s relationship started off like any other. After meeting each other at a party, they quickly became good friends and started spending more and more time together. They would go on dates, grab lunch after classes, or just hang out in Fran’s dorm room watching movies. As their friendship deepened, the two of them started to realize that there was something special between them.

    After finally admitting their feelings for one another, the two of them began to see each other as more than just friends. This relationship quickly progressed and soon enough they were officially a couple! As time went on Fran and Maxwell continued to strengthen their bond through going on spontaneous trips around the country, having meaningful conversations about life goals, and simply enjoying each others’ company. Eventually the pair realized that they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together and shared their engagement news with family and friends in February 2021.

    Important moments in Fran and Maxwell’s relationship since then

    Since their first date, Fran and Maxwell’s relationship has been growing steadily. They’ve shared many important moments together–some that made them even closer, and some that tested the strength of their bond.

    One of the most special moments for them was when Fran finally felt comfortable enough to open up about her childhood trauma. Maxwell listened intently and showed genuine care as he expressed his support for Fran’s healing journey. This moment showed just how strong their connection had become; by this point, they could be vulnerable with each other in a safe space without fear of judgement or abandonment.

    Another notable moment in the relationship was the time they took a weekend away together to a place neither had ever been before–a place where they could really unplug from daily life distractions and focus on each other. Since then, they have gone back to this same place each year, as it holds an important reminder of how strong their bond is and how deeply committed they are to one another.


    At the end of Fran and Maxwell’s story, we see that their relationship has grown and developed into a strong bond. Max finally realizes how he feels about Fran and decides to take the plunge by asking her out on a date. Six months later, the couple is still going strong, proving that when two people are brave enough to take a chance on love, great things can happen!

    Regardless of when you start dating someone, it is important to take things slowly and make sure that both parties are comfortable with one another before taking the next step. For Fran and Maxwell, it took 6 months for them to get over their awkwardness around each other to really open up and trust each other enough to enter a committed relationship—but in time they did, setting an example for anyone else scared of taking a huge risk like dating someone new.