When was interracial marriage allowed in Australia?


When was interracial marriage allowed in Australia? have you ever had such experience

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  1. Interracial marriages were not legalised until 1967. In fact, in 1856, the British Parliament passed the Marriage Act which stated that ‘no one could marry outside his race’.

    This law remained unchanged until 1967 when the Racial Discrimination Act came into force. This act removed racial discrimination against anyone based on their skin colour.

    As such, interracial relationships became legal in Australia.

    It wasn’t until 1969 that interracial couples were given the right to adopt children.

    History of Interracial Marriage in Australia

    Interracial marriage was not legalised until 1967. The Australian government did not allow interracial marriages because they were worried that children would be born out of wedlock and therefore be illegitimate.

    This meant that many mixed race couples had to travel overseas to marry legally. This led to some families being separated for years at a time.

    Many Australians today believe that interracial relationships should never occur. However, this view is changing. Many people now accept that there is nothing wrong with having a relationship with someone from another culture.

    Why did it take so long for interracial marriage to become legal in Australia?

    Interracial marriage took longer than most Australians would care to admit because it was illegal until 1967. The law prohibiting interracial marriages was repealed only after a series of court cases and public protests.

    One of the biggest reasons why this change occurred was due to the influence of white supremacists who were against interracial marriage. They believed that mixing races would destroy society.

    Another reason was the fear of losing jobs and being discriminated against. Many employers refused to hire workers whose parents were not Caucasian. This led to many African Americans leaving the country to find work elsewhere.

    This fear of discrimination was fueled by the fact that many Australian states had already passed laws banning mixed race unions. These laws were later overturned when the federal government decided to repeal them.

    Who were the first Australians to marry outside their race?

    Australia became a nation when white settlers arrived in 1788. However, there were already Aboriginal people living here long before Europeans came. The first Australian Aborigines to marry non-white partners were recorded in 1828.

    There were no laws against interracial marriages until 1962, when the Racial Discrimination Act was passed. This act made discrimination based on race illegal.

    Before this law, many states had banned interracial marriages. Some of these bans were overturned after World War II, when the US Supreme Court ruled that racial segregation was unconstitutional.

    However, some states continued to ban interracial marriages. These bans were eventually struck down by the courts.

    Today, most countries allow interracial couples to marry. But not all states recognize same-sex unions.

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