Where can I ask for dating advice?


Where can I ask for dating advice? can you help me with this question

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  1. If you want to ask about gay dating questions, you can visit AskMen’s Advice Forum.

    AskMen is one of the largest online communities dedicated to men’s issues including fashion, grooming, fitness, sports, lifestyle, politics, relationships, health & nutrition, and much more.

    You’ll find thousands of topics covering everything from dating tips to recipes to personal finance advice. And don’t forget to share advice and experiences with us!

    Ask Women Online

    Online dating sites are great places to find dates. They’re free, anonymous, and convenient. But there’s no guarantee that women who use online dating sites are looking for serious relationships. So where should you go to meet women?

    That’s right — at bars and clubs! Bars and nightclubs are filled with beautiful women who are looking for men just like you. And since most women prefer to date men who are single, divorced, or widowed, this is a perfect place to meet them.

    And when you’re ready to take things further, many bars and nightclubs offer private parties for singles. These events usually include drinks, dancing, and dinner. The only catch is that you need to be over 21 years old and able to pay for yourself.

    If you’re interested in meeting women, give these tips a try:

    1) Be confident. Don’t let shyness stop you from approaching women. Instead, act like a man who knows he belongs among beautiful women.

    2) Dress well. Make sure you dress nicely and wear clean clothes. This shows women that you care enough about yourself to take pride in your appearance.

    3) Smile. Smiling makes you appear friendly and approachable. Plus, smiling increases your confidence level.

    4) Approach women. Start small. Ask her out for coffee or lunch. Then, if she says yes, ask her out again.

    5) Keep asking until she agrees. Once she accepts your invitation, keep asking her out every day until you two decide to become exclusive.

    6) Take action. After you’ve asked her out several times, tell her you’d like to take her out on a real date.

    7) Pay for everything. Even if you’re not rich, show her that you’re willing to spend money on her.

    8) Follow through. Show her that you mean business by following through on your promises.

    Ask Men Online

    If you’re looking for dating advice online, there are many websites where men share their experiences and give tips on meeting women. One of these sites is AskMenOnline.com. This site allows users to post questions anonymously, and members of the community respond with helpful answers.

    This is a great place to find out what works when trying to meet women. The site is free to use, and you won’t need any special skills to participate.

    Just remember to be careful who you trust. Some guys may try to scam you by pretending to be women. So keep an open mind and only accept responses from real women.

    Ask Friends

    If you’re looking for dating advice, there are many places where you can find it online. But be careful when asking friends for help. They may not realize that you’re just trying to learn how to pick up women.

    Instead, try these sites:

    • AskMen – This site offers tips on everything from picking out the perfect suit to finding the right woman.

    • Quora – This community-driven Q&A site allows users to post questions and receive answers from experts in various fields.

    • Reddit – This social news aggregator lets you browse topics based on interest rather than location.

    • Yahoo Answers – This question-and-answer forum is similar to Quora, except it focuses on specific topics instead of general knowledge.

    • YouTube – This video sharing platform features thousands of videos covering a wide range of topics.

    • Facebook – This popular social networking site is great for getting feedback on your personal appearance.

    • Twitter – This microblogging tool lets you share short messages called tweets.

    • Instagram – This photo-sharing app lets you upload photos and add captions.

    • Pinterest – This visual bookmarking tool lets you save pictures and create boards.

    • Tumblr – This blogging platform lets you publish long posts and interact with others through comments and likes.

    Summing up

    This article will show you where to find the best places to ask for dating advice.