Which city is safest in the world for females?


Which city is safest in the world for females? will be glad to hear your thoughts

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  1. New York City is one of the safest places for women. There are several reasons why New York is safe for women. Firstly, the police department is very efficient and effective. Secondly, the government is very strong and powerful. Thirdly, the government is also responsible for making laws which protect women. Fourthly, the government provides security for women. Fifthly, the government protects women by giving them rights such as voting and freedom. Sixthly, the government makes sure that the law is followed by the police department. Seventhly, the government gives money to the police department to help them fight crime. Eighthly, the government provides education to women. Ninthly, the government helps women to earn a living. Tenthly, the government helps to provide jobs to women. Eleventhly, the government provides health care to women. Twelfthly, the government ensures that women are treated equally. Thirteenthly, the government provides social welfare to women. Fourteenthly, the government makes laws that protect women. Fifteenthly, the government sets standards for women. Sixteenthly, the government supports women financially. Seventeenthly, the government provides protection for women. Eighteenthly, the government takes action against crimes committed by women. Nineteenthly, the government provides safety for women. Twentiethly, the government enforces the law. Twentyfirstly, the government provides justice to women. Lastly, the government protects women from criminals.

    Find out which cities are best for women by looking at crime rates, unemployment, divorce rates, and other factors.

    When deciding where to live, many people consider safety. But there are other important things to consider when selecting a place to call home.

    One factor that should be considered is whether the area is safe for women. To find out which cities are best suited for women, we looked at several different categories including crime rate, unemployment rate, divorce rate, and other factors. We found that some areas were better than others based on these criteria.

    We ranked each city according to its overall score, which was determined by adding together the scores for each category. The top 10 cities for women are listed below.
    Which city is safest in the world for females?

    1. San Francisco, California – Overall Score 8.5

    2. New York City, New York – Overall Score 7.9

    3. Washington DC, District Of Columbia – Overall Score 6.8

    4. Los Angeles, California – Overall Score6.7

    5. Chicago, Illinois – Overall Score 6

    6. Boston, Massachusetts – Overall Score 5.9

    7. Seattle, Washington – Overall Score 5

    8. Houston, Texas – Overall Score 4.9

    9. Atlanta, Georgia – Overall Score 4

    Learn about the top 10 safest cities for women based on data from the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2017.

    According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), there are some countries where women face greater risks than men. The WEF ranks these countries according to gender equality indicators, including economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, health and survival rates, political empowerment, and representation in government.

    Here are the top ten safest cities for women:

    1. New Zealand

    2. Iceland

    3. Finland

    4. Australia

    5. Sweden

    6. Norway

    7. Canada

    8. Denmark

    9. Netherlands

    10. Ireland


    It’s important to know where you stand when it comes to safety, so take this quiz to find out how safe you really are!

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