Which god married his own daughter?


Which god married his own daughter? will be greatfull for any inforation

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  1. According to Hindu mythology, Rama married Sita, his wife, when he had to leave Ayodhya because of a prophecy about him killing Ravana, the king of Lanka. He left her at the palace gates while he went off to fight Ravana. When he returned victorious, he came back to the palace and asked Sita to come with him. She refused. They argued and she said she could not marry him until he killed Ravana. In anger, Rama cursed her to stay alone for fourteen years. But one day, Rama saw her sitting under a tree crying. He realized that she was waiting for him to return and told her to wait no longer. And so he returned to take her away with him.

    Ravana, meanwhile, had taken Sita captive and planned to kill her. He sent his brother Vibhishan to bring Rama to Lanka. Rama agreed to help rescue Sita, but insisted that he must also free his father’s kingdom from Ravana. After defeating Ravana, Rama took Sita home to Ayodhya. There, Rama gave Sita a son named Lava.

    Who was Zeus’s wife?

    Zeus was the king of gods and goddesses. He had many children, including Hera, Poseidon, Hephaestus, Ares, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Hermes, Dionysius, Demeter, Aphrodite, Persephone, Hestia, and Eileithyia.

    Hera was Zeus’ eldest child. She married her father when she was very young. Her husband was King Creon of Corinth. They were married for 50 years until he died. After his death, Hera married Hades, who was the ruler of the underworld.

    Poseidon was Zeus’ second son. He married Amphitrite, the sea nymph. Their marriage lasted for 100 years.

    Hephaestus was Zeus’ third son. He married Alcmene, the queen of Thebes. His marriage lasted for 20 years.

    Ares was Zeus’ fourth son. He married Deianeira, the princess of Argos. Their marriage lasted for 30 years.

    Athena was Zeus’ fifth son. She married Metis, the Titaness. Their marriage lasted for 40 years.

    Apollo was Zeus’ sixth son. He married Leto, the Titaness. His marriage lasted for 60 years.

    Artemis was Zeus’ seventh son. She married either Leda or Tyndareus. Their marriage lasted for 70 years.

    Hermes was Zeus’ eighth son. He married Maia, the Titaness. Her marriage lasted for 80 years.
    Which god married his own daughter?

    Dionysius was Zeus’ ninth son. He married Ariadne, the princess of Phoenicia. Their marriage lasted for 90 years.

    Demeter was Zeus’ tenth son. She married Celeus, the king of Eleusis. Their marriage lasted for 120 years.

    Aphrodite was Zeus’ eleventh son. She married Anchises, the prince of Sidonia. Their marriage lasted for 150 years.

    Why did Hera marry Zeus?

    Hera was the queen of the gods, and she had many suitors. But none were worthy enough to be her husband. So she decided to marry herself to Zeus, who was already married to another woman.

    This story illustrates the importance of being true to yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And never settle for second best.

    Did Aphrodite marry Hephaestus?

    Hephaestus was the son of Zeus and Hera, who was born lame. He was given a pair of wings by Athena, and he became known as Ares (the God of War).

    He had many children, including Daedalus, who built the Labyrinth; Icarus, who flew too close to the sun and fell into the sea; and Metis, who gave birth to Athena.

    Athena was the Goddess of Wisdom, and she loved her brother Apollo, who was the God of Light. She often helped him out when he needed help. One day, she asked Zeus to give her a special gift. He agreed, and Athena came home with a golden apple.

    She took this apple to her father, who said it would be a great prize for whoever found it. So, Athena hid it in a tree near Mount Olympus.

    Apollo found the apple, and he ate it. Then, he went to visit his sister, Athena. She told him not to tell anyone where he got the apple because it belonged to her.

    When Zeus heard about the apple, he decided to punish Apollo for eating it. He sent Hermes to bring back the apple. Apollo refused to give it to Hermes, so Zeus made Hermes turn himself into a talking bird called a phoenix.

    Hermes returned to Apollo with the apple, and Apollo gave it to Athena. She put it away and forgot about it until one day, she saw a beautiful young woman named Psyche walking along the road.

    Psyche wanted to meet the most famous person in the world, so she followed the goddess down the street. The goddess stopped at a house and knocked on the door. An older man answered, and he invited them inside.

    Inside, the goddess introduced herself as Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld. She explained that she was looking for a husband, and she asked if Psyche knew any eligible men.

    Psyche replied that she did not, but she promised to ask around. After leaving the house, Psyche realized that she still had the apple in her pocket. She ran back to the house and handed it over to the queen.

    Persephone thanked her and placed the apple in a jar. She told Psyche that she should go home now, but she warned her never to eat another piece of fruit again.

    Psyche left, and she began to wonder what happened to the apple. She wondered if she’d ever find out.

    Was Demeter married to Hades?

    Demeter was the goddess of agriculture and fertility. She had many children, including Persephone, who became queen of the underworld after marrying Hades.

    Hades was king of the underworld, ruler of the dead. He was the husband of Persephone. The two were known as the King and Queen of the Underworld.

    They lived together in the palace of Tartarus, where they ruled over the dead. They were often seen walking hand in hand through the fields of Elysium, where the blessed reside.

    Persephone was also called Proserpina, because she was the daughter of Ceres (the Roman equivalent of Demeter).

    Ceres was the goddess of grain, harvest, and abundance. Her symbol was a cornucopia, a horned vessel filled with food.

    She was the mother of Proserpina, who was sometimes referred to as Kore, or Cybele.

    Kore was the Greek goddess of nature and the hunt. She was associated with wild animals and forests.

    Her name means “she who brings forth” or “she who gives birth.”

    Kore was said to be the wife of Zeus.
    Which god married his own daughter?

    Zeus was the king of gods and the supreme deity of Greece. His symbol was the thunderbolt.

    He was the father of Apollo, Artemis, Athena, Hermes, Hestia, Poseidon, and Hera.

    Apollo was the son of Zeus and Leto. He was the sun god, protector of music, poetry, and prophecy.


    Which god married his own daughter, and why? You might find out by reading this article.

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