Who does Josh end up with in Man Seeking Woman?


Who does Josh end up with in Man Seeking Woman? will be greatfull for any inforation

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  1. Josh ends up with a lot of different people in MSAW. He’s had relationships with both men and women. He’s also had relationships with people of multiple genders.

    He’s never really dated anyone specifically because he’s not interested in being tied down. But he does enjoy meeting new people and talking about topics that aren’t related to his career.

    So far, he’s met some interesting people and gotten to learn something new every time.

    He’s always looking forward to seeing what happens next.

    Meet our cast

    Josh and his friends are back for another season of Man Seeking Woman. This time, he’s going to meet some women who live across America. He’ll be traveling from coast to coast, visiting cities where he meets women who share his interests.

    He’ll interview them about their lives, ask questions about themselves, and try to find out whether they’re compatible with him. Then, he’ll decide whether he wants to date them.

    If he likes them, he’ll invite them to move in together. And if he doesn’t, he’ll tell them why not.

    This show is hilarious because it shows us what happens when two people who aren’t right for each other meet.

    And this season, we’ve got a great group of guys ready to help Josh figure out whether he should take a woman home to meet his parents. They include:

    * David – The straightest guy in San Francisco. He’s been single since college, and he’s looking for a relationship.

    * Mike – An ex-Marine who loves sports and video games. He’s been dating for three years, but he’s still searching for Mr. Right.

    * Ben – A New Yorker who works at Google. He’s been dating a girl named Emily for five months, but she hasn’t met his family yet.

    * Tom – A former Marine who now owns a barbershop. He’s been living with his girlfriend for six months, but he’s still waiting for her to introduce him to her family.

    * Dan – A lawyer who moved to Los Angeles after graduating law school. He’s been dating his girlfriend for four months, but he’s afraid to bring her home to meet his parents because he thinks they won’t approve.

    * Kevin – A software engineer who lives in Seattle. He’s been dating Jessica for seven months, but he’s worried that she’s too young for him.

    * Matt – A computer programmer who lives in Boston. He’s been dating Allison for eight months, but he’s concerned that she’s too materialistic.

    * Mark – A musician who lives in Chicago. He’s been dating Amy for nine months, but he’s nervous that she’s too boring.

    * Chris – A writer who lives in Austin. He’s been dating Julie for six months, but she’s never introduced him to her family.

    Who does Josh end up with in Man Seeking Woman?

    Find out who wins

    Josh ends up with Rachel in this episode of Man Seeking Woman. He meets her at a bar where she works as a bartender. She seems interesting, but he doesn’t feel any romantic interest.

    He later sees her again when she’s working at another bar. This time, he feels a spark. They go back to his place and have sex.

    Afterwards, he asks her out on a date. She agrees, but only after telling him that she’s not looking for a relationship right now.

    This episode was written by Adam Conover.

    And what happens next

    Josh ends up with two women in his life: his girlfriend (who he met at work) and his ex-girlfriend (whom he dated for three years).

    He meets them both at a bar where he goes out with friends after work. He doesn’t tell either woman who he is, because he wants to be able to decide whom to pursue.

    After meeting each woman, he asks her out on a date. They go out to dinner and drinks, and she invites him back to her place. She tells him that she’d like to continue seeing him, but he says no thanks.

    Then, he sees his ex-girlfriend again at another party. She flirts with him, and he realizes that he still likes her. So he decides to ask her out again. This time, she agrees to go out with him.

    They go out to dinner and drink some wine together. Then, she takes him home. Afterward, he calls his girlfriend and tells her that he went out with his ex-girlfriend. His girlfriend is upset, but he explains that he didn’t want to hurt her feelings.

    His ex-girlfriend is happy to hear this news, and they agree to keep things casual between them.

    Wrapping up

    We finally meet Josh’s love interest in this episode of “Man Seeking Woman.” She’s played by actress and comedian Sarah Silverman.

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