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  1. It is not known for sure who singer and actor, Rod Stewart is currently dating. According to reports, he is still married to wife Penny Lancaster after celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary in 2020. The couple have two children together, Aiden (born 2011) and Alastair (2005). Sources say that the couple are committed to one another and are happy together despite speculation that they may be living separately due to the coronavirus pandemic.

    In the past, Rod was married three times prior to his marriage with Penny Lancaster in 2007. His first marriage was to Alana Hamilton in 1979 which lasted until 1984 when it ended in divorce. He then tied the knot with Rachel Hunter in 1990 but divorced just nine years later in 1999 citing “irreconcilable differences”. From 2006-2011 he had a tumultuous relationship with model Kelly Emberg who he has a daughter with, Kimberly (30). He also has seven other children from these previous relationships including Sean (40), Liam Aaron (38), Ruby (32) Ruby Kate (30) Renee (27), Sarah (24) and Liam McLeod Stewart with ex girlfriend Kelly McNeil .

    While it is unclear whether or not there is somebody else on the horizon for Rod Stewart at this time, it remains apparent that he enjoys his life as a devoted father of eight and successful entertainer at this time.


    Rod Stewart is a multi-platinum selling singer-songwriter, best known for his longstanding success in popular music since the 60s. Throughout his career, Rod has enjoyed tremendous success with hits such as “Maggie May”, “You Wear It Well” and “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?”. But it’s not just his music that inspires fans around the world. Rod Stewart is seen by many as an icon of style and romanticism – he’s been married twice and famously dated a few other high-profile celebs, including supermodel Rachel Hunter. So who exactly is Rod dating now? That’s the question everyone seems to want to know the answer to. With the singer still regularly performing sold out shows around the world and frequently making waves on social media, fans are eager to get caught up on any possible romance updates associated with Rod.

    Background on Rod and his Relationship History

    Rod is an actor who has been acting in films and on television since the early 2000s. Over the years, he has starred in several blockbuster hits, including an Oscar-winning performance in one of his most iconic roles.

    Despite his successful career, Rod has not been so lucky with love. He’s had a few long-term relationships over the years that have ended with some not-so-happy endings. From models to actresses, it seems like every time Rod commits to someone, things don’t end up working out for him.

    But recently it looks like things have changed for Rod – he’s had a major upgrade! After months of speculation about who Rod may be dating, it’s finally confirmed that he is seeing someone new. Reports say the couple is deeply in love and appears very happy together.

    Current Relationships Status of Rod

    Rod’s current relationship status is single. The former NFL running back has confirmed that he is not in any relationships, and he is enjoying the bachelor lifestyle. In 2019, Rod tweeted out that he was “100% single and ready to mingle”, so it’s safe to say that he is still on the market!

    However, this doesn’t mean that Rod isn’t looking for love. Recently, Rod has opened up about wanting to settle down and start a family of his own someday. He also said that finding someone special who shares his Christian faith and similar moral values would be very important to him in a significant other. That being said, we can all hope for the best for Rod in finding the perfect match one day soon!

    Who is Rod Dating Now?

    Rod is currently in a public relationship with Instagram celebrity Alana Lace. The two were first seen as a couple at the premiere of his film “Avengers: Endgame” in April 2019. Soon after, the couple was spotted out and about together at various locations around the world.

    They have also been spotted attending events together such as red carpet premieres, award shows, and fashion shows. When asked about their relationship, Rod says that he couldn’t live without Alana and that she always has his back. It’s clear to see that their bond is strong!

    The two are active on Instagram, documenting their date nights and romantic trips abroad. From the looks of things, this high-powered duo is extremely happy together!

    Why Did He Choose This Person to Date?

    It’s no secret that Rod has dated a wide variety of women over the years. But why did he choose the person he is currently with? The answer lies in what it is that drew Rod to this particular individual.

    For starters, it’s likely that there was an initial physical attraction between them. That would have caused Rod to take notice and paved the way for further interactions. Closely related to physical attraction are personality traits such as kindness, humor, and intelligence. It’s also likely that this other person shared many of Rod’s core values of adventure, self-improvement, and striving for excellence.

    Finally, it could be the case that they share certain experiences making them well suited partners or even complementary skill sets allowing them to achieve greater things together than they ever could alone.

    Whatever the reason may be, it’s clear that whoever Rod chooses to date should feel special as few people share all of these qualities!