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  1. Addison Rae Easterling, the social media influencer and dancer best known for her popular TikTok account is currently dating Austin McBroom.

    Addison and Austin began dating in early 2021 after meeting on a group trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Soon after the two became official, their romance was wildly featured throughout their social media accounts. After several photos of them circulating online sparked major curiosity among fans as to who Addison’s new beau was – they finally revealed his identity when they posted a cozy couple picture on Valentine’s Day. Fans were delighted to discover the mystery man behind Addison’s Instagram captions and frequent status updates regarding her new relationship was none other than former Clemson quarterback Austin McBroom!

    Payne (16), McCoy (13), and Malia (11) are his three children from a previous marriage that ended in 2020.

    Addison and Austin are now really enjoying their chemistry and seem perfectly content with where things are going between them so far. In addition to flaunting their PDA-filled vacation pics all over Instagram, it also seems like the two of them like doing fun activities together such as skating in ice rinks and taking road trips around Los Angeles! Whether or not this budding romance turns into something long-term remains to be seen – but at least for now, we can celebrate this adorable world renowned couple!

    Addison Rae

    Addison Rae is one of the most popular influencers on social media. She is a dancer, actor, and TikTok superstar with over 52 million followers. She gained fame for her talented dance moves, infectious energy, and amazing sense of style.

    But who is Addison Rae dating? At this time, she is single but rumored to be seeing someone special. Addison has recently been spotted out with Josh Richards, a fellow TikTok star and aspiring singer who currently lives in Los Angeles.

    However, neither Addison nor Josh has publicly confirmed or denied their relationship status. Despite the rumors swirling around them, only time will tell if they are actually an item! We wish them all the best either way!

    Addison Rae’s relationship status

    Addison Rae’s relationship status is currently single. She is not dating anyone at the moment and is focused on her blossoming career.

    Addison is often asked about her romantic relationships in interviews and on social media, but she prefers to keep most of that information private. Nonetheless, Addison does sometimes talk about the guys she has dated in the past, such as fellow TikTok stars Chase Hudson and Bryce Hall.

    Overall, Addison Rae’s relationship status is something that fans are always interested in but will likely remain a mystery unless she chooses to share more details.

    Is Addison secretly dating someone?

    The rumor mill has been buzzing around Addison’s romantic life lately. Many sources are speculating that she might be secretly dating someone, but Addison has yet to confirm or deny these claims.

    Addison is notoriously private about her personal life, so it’s not surprising that she hasn’t made any announcements regarding who she may or may not be seeing. She also seems to be deleting photos with potential love interests from her social media accounts and making sure to stay tight-lipped about who shares her heart.

    Whether Addison is indeed secretly dating someone or keeping things low-key for now remains a mystery! Only time will tell what the truth behind all these whispers holds.

    Reports of Addison dating Griffin Johnson

    Recently, reports have surfaced that TikTok star Addison Rae is in a relationship with fellow social media personality Griffin Johnson. The two have been spotted together on a few occasions and were recently seen vacationing in Mexico.

    It appears they began hooking up in January 2021 and are now taking their romance to the next level. They even went as far to post pictures together on their respective Instagram accounts, further confirming their relationship status.

    Addison and Griffin are both rising stars so it’s no surprise fans are excited about the newest power couple on social media. From flirty comments exchanged between the two to date nights at exclusive restaurants, it looks like Addison and Griffin really clicked – although neither has publicly confirmed the news yet!

    Are they still together or have they gone their separate ways?

    Addison and her current partner have been in a relationship for over a year now. Based on the couple’s social media accounts, they still seem to be going strong. Both of them share pictures and posts about each other often, which suggests that no matter how long their relationship has been, it’s still going strong.

    Additionally, neither of them has made any statements about calling their relationship quits or ending things between them either. On the contrary, if anything, it seems like their feelings for one another are still growing stronger by the day!

    Based on all signs, Addison is still dating her current partner and the two of them appear to be blissfully happy together.

    What is Addison’s opinion on the matter?

    Addison is an advocate for keeping her private life out of the public eye, so she prefers to keep silent about who she may or may not be currently dating. However, in interviews and through her social media she has alluded to wanting a committed relationship that offers security, respect and trust. She has also supported the idea of finding lasting connections within all kinds of relationships, whether they are casual, significant others, or larger social circles. Ultimately, Addison believes that relationships should be full of spontaneity and joy – two ingredients that can help define a meaningful connection.