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  1. Adele is currently single. She underwent a divorce with former husband Simon Konecki in 2019. The ex-couple shares a child together, Angelo Adkins. Adele has since been focusing on her music career, and has not made any reports suggesting that she’s actively looking to date or seeking out a potential partner.

    However, there were some rumors suggesting that the singer was possibly dating Skepta. The two musicans sparked some speculation when they were spotted attending the BRIT Awards after-party in February 2020. Despite that, neither artist has yet to confirm if there was any kind of romance between them — although it seems highly unlikely given their close friendship and profession.

    As for Adele’s current relationship status, there doesn’t appear to be anyone special in her life at this time.

    Introduction of Adele and her rise to fame

    Adele has been enchanting fans with her powerful voice and heartfelt lyrics since 2008. Her debut album “19” earned Adele the prestigious Mercury Prize, and skyrocketed her to international fame.

    Since then, Adele has released several chart-topping albums, sold out tours, taken home 16 Grammy Awards, and been awarded an Order of the British Empire from Queen Elizabeth II. To date, she is one of the most successful recording artists in history.

    But along with success comes attention and speculation – especially when it comes to Adele’s personal life. Although Adele has remained relatively tight-lipped regarding who she’s dating now (if anyone), her fans were delighted when gossip began swirling that she had secretly married long-time partner Simon Konecki in 2016. However, after news broke of their divorce two years later, some were left wondering – who is Adele dating now?

    Overview of her past relationships

    Adele has famously had a few relationships throughout her career. Her most recent and widely reported relationship was with long-time partner Simon Konecki, an English charity entrepreneur. They started dating in 2011 and eventually got married in 2017. The pair went their separate ways in 2019 after announcing their split just one month prior to the separation.

    Before her marriage to Konecki, Adele was involved in two other high-profile relationships: one with charity entrepreneur Slinky Sunbeam, whom she dated from 2008 to 2010; and another with Alex Sturrock, a British music photographer, who she dated briefly in 2004 when they were both just sixteen years old.

    In addition to these public relationships, Adele also had a few rumored romances throughout the years—including one with actor Daniel Craig—but none of them have ever been confirmed. And while we don’t know who adele is currently dating now, we do know that she recently said that it’s “somebody very special.”

    Who she is reportedly currently dating

    Adele is reportedly currently dating artiste and philanthropist Simon Konecki. A source confirmed to People magazine that Adele and Konecki have been together since October, saying they had a “close friendship” before things became romantic.

    The couple has yet to confirm the romance but were spotted holding hands at the recent Global Citizen Festival in London. Adele dedicated her performance of “Someone Like You” to Konecki at the event, which could be seen as confirmation of the relationship.

    Konecki is best known for being a philanthropist, having founded Drop4Drop– which provides clean drinking water to impoverished communities around the world – as well as being an occasional producer and songwriter on a variety of different albums.

    How they met and what they do together

    Adele and her now-partner, Simon Konecki, first met in January 2011 at a charity event. It wasn’t until the summer of 2012 that the pair formally confirmed their relationship.

    Since then, Adele and Simion have been inseparable. They often run errands around LA together and enjoy dinner dates with friends. They spend a lot of time at home as well, with Adele saying it’s her “favorite thing” to do when she’s not working.

    When Adele isn’t too busy with her music career, she’s keeping active by doing yoga or even going on romantic vacations with Simon! The two were spotted vacationing in Mexico in late 2018, fueling rumors they could be engaged sooner than later.

    Where they have been seen together in public

    Adele has been seen out in public with entrepreneur and tech CEO, Skepta. The two have reportedly been dating since late 2019 and were even spotted together at a friend’s wedding in May 2020.

    More recently, the couple was seen at London’s upscale restaurant Chiltern Firehouse where they reportedly shared a few drinks before taking off for the evening. Adele was reportedly wearing a pair of black jeans and Skepta had on an all-black outfit as well. The two were also spotted walking around London separately, suggesting they were trying to keep their relationship private.

    Despite this, it seems like Adele is finally settling down after her divorce from former husband Simon Konecki in April 2019. After two years apart, it looks like she might have finally found her match in Skepta and are happily enjoying their newfound relationship!