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  1. Alexandra Daddario is currently dating businessman and entrepreneur Andrew Gillum. They were first spotted together in Manhattan in 2019. Daddario has confirmed their relationship via Instagram and she posted a photo of the two to celebrate their one-year anniversary.

    Gillum is an entrepreneur and investor in various businesses, including virtual reality gaming and real estate. He also serves on the boards of several not-for-profit organizations, helping disadvantaged youth to develop mentorship opportunities while working with youth organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami and Boys & Girls Club of Miami. He was also a founding board member at The People’s Lobby, an education advocacy group that works to increase civic engagement and prop up progressive candidates at a local level.

    Alexandra Daddario

    Alexandra Daddario is an American actress best known for her roles in blockbuster movies such as San Andreas, Baywatch, and Percy Jackson & The Olympians. She recently starred alongside Dwayne Johnson in the jaw-dropping action movie Rampage and Henry Cavill in the beach comedy Why Him?

    Her talent has earned her awards and recognition from fans worldwide. In 2017 she won an MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance for her role in San Andreas. She also appeared on People Magazine’s 2018 list of Most Beautiful Women in the World.

    These days, Alexandra has been making waves with her personal life too! She’s now dating American actor Logan Lerman, who’s most famous for his roles in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Fury. They’ve been caught out enjoying romantic dinners together over the last few months — undeniable proof that their relationship is sizzling hot!

    Her Relationship History

    Alexandra Daddario has had quite a few relationships throughout her life. Many of these have been high-profile, and many have been with people in show business. In 2012, she dated singer/songwriter Nick Jonas for a few months, which is probably her most public relationship up until now.

    In 2013, Alexandra was linked to actor Noah Centineo when they worked together on the set of Hall Pass. Later that year, she was seen walking arm in arm with Zac Efron after they were spotted at a Los Angeles restaurant. She also dated film producer Brett Ratner until 2014.

    More recently, Alexandra was linked to Trekkie actor Jason Fuchs during an appearance at Comic Con 2016 but the two never confirmed their relationship publicly. However, there’s been recent buzz that Alexandra and actor Logan Lerman are dating following their roles in Baywatch and Percy Jackson & The Olympians movies respectively.

    Who is She Currently Dating?

    Alexandra Daddario is currently dating Canadian actor Brendan Wallace. The couple has frequently been spotted walking the red carpet together for big events, and it’s said that they’ve been dating since 2016.

    The pair first met on the set of Baywatch in 2017 and sparks flew from the beginning. They are both incredibly talented actors with a passion for their craft, so it’s easy to understand why they work well together as a couple.

    They have not yet announced an official engagement, but things seem to be going very well between them. They continue to make frequent appearances at award shows and movie premiers, looking quite loved-up each time. It looks like we can expect great things from their relationship in the future!

    What They Have in Common

    Alexandra Daddario and her partner, actor Logan Lerman, have much in common. Firstly, they are both of the same age- Alexandra is 33 years old while Logan is 32. They also bond over their mutual love for animals as well as a shared appreciation for the beauty of nature.

    Both actors were born and raised in New York, although Alexandra was born in New York City and Logan in Queens. They also share an interest in music and art; together they enjoy listening to live music, visiting museums and galleries, and exploring cities around the world.

    More importantly, Alexandra and Logan are both passionate about acting. They frequently collaborate on projects and often work with each other on different projects as well. While Alexandra’s film roles have gained her recognition from audiences across the globe, Logan has had his own success with independent films such as Noah Baumbach’s 2014 comedy While We’re Young.

    How Did They Meet?

    Alexandra Daddario and her boyfriend, Levi Meaden, first met on the set of the TV series The Pilot in 2016. After shooting a scene together, they hit it off almost immediately and started dating shortly afterward.

    Since then, they have been practically inseparable. They enjoyed several date nights out at various restaurants near their home in Los Angeles and even took a luxurious island vacation together.

    Both stars have also been featured on social media, cuddling up with adorable photos every now-and-then that prove their bond is going strong. Fans were thrilled when Alexandra posted her very first Instagram photo with Levi that showed their faces looking lovingly into each other’s eyes during the trip.