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  1. Amber Rose is currently dating rapper and businessman, Alexander “AE” Edwards. She first started dating him in the summer of 2019 after her split from ex-husband, Wiz Khalifa. Rose and Edwards are often seen on their respective social media pages showing off their love with affectionate posts and pics.

    In February 2020, Rose made headlines when it was revealed that she was expecting her second child with Edwards. They celebrated the news on Valentine’s Day via a photo announcement shared across both of their Instagram accounts featuring Edwards kissing a very pregnant Rose while they held up an ultrasound image of the baby.

    Rose also has one son from a previous relationship with Khalifa. The two welcomed Sebastian Taylor Thomaz in 2013 before tying the knot in July 2013 at a courthouse wedding ceremony. After about 21 months of marriage, however, Rose filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences; The divorce was officially finalized in 2016.

    Currently though, it looks like Amber Rose has found love again as she remains committed to Alex Edwards raising their son and expecting another child with him soon!

    Introduction of Amber Rose’s Background

    Amber Rose is an American model and actress known for her relationships with Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. Rose first rose to fame as a video vixen in the early 2000s before transitioning into acting and modeling. She also became well-known as an outspoken advocate of feminism, founding her own foundation called “The Amber Rose Foundation” in 2015.

    Over the years, Rose has had a few high profile romances, most notably with rapper Kanye West (2008-2010) and singer Wiz Khalifa (2011-2014). Currently, she is dating rapper Alexander “AE” Edwards.

    Overview of Amber Rose’s Dating History

    Amber Rose’s dating history encompasses a few famous personalities. She first gained notoriety as the girlfriend of rapper Kanye West in 2008. They dated on and off for two years before officially splitting in 2011. After her high-profile relationship with Kanye, Amber went on to date Wiz Khalifa from 2011 to 2014. During their relationship, Amber got engaged and had one son together, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz.

    Since Wiz Khalifa, Amber has been linked with a few other celebrities. In 2015, Amber was briefly connected to Machine Gun Kelly; however, their fling quickly fizzled out after less than a year. In 2016, she moved onto professional basketball player Monte Morris and they continued their courtship until 2018. Since then, rumors have circulated that she is dating singer-songwriter Alexander Edwards but nothing has been confirmed yet by either party!

    Reasons why she is single and not dating anyone at the moment

    Amber Rose is currently single and not dating anyone at the moment. There are many possible reasons why she’s kept her love life on the down low. Firstly, Amber has been focusing heavily on developing her career as an author and entrepreneur. She recently released a book titled “How to Be A Bad B*tch” which dives into self-love, money making strategies, empowerment, and relationships. Secondly, even though she is single, Amber Rose is a mother first and foremost to her son Sebastion who was born in 2013. Balancing motherhood with the demands of her career keeps her busy enough without having to factor in a serious relationship right now. Finally, it’s likely that Amber wants to find someone who adds real value and positivity to her life before settling down again with a significant other. All said, these could be some of the factors causing her to stay single for the time being!

    Facts about amber rose relationship

    Amber Rose is currently in a relationship with music producer Alexander Edwards, also known as AE. The two have been together since February 2019 and recently welcomed a baby boy named Slash Electric in October 2020.

    Before her relationship with Anderson, Amber rose was married to rapper Wiz Khalifa whom she divorced after filing for divorce in 2014 due to irreconcilable differences. Other high profile relationships of Amber include Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa.

    The actress has always remained tight-lipped about her private life but has constantly shared tidbits on how happy she is with her special someone on social media. She has also used the platform to emphasize the importance of having a strong support system regardless of gender roles and expectations.

    Amber Rose Opens up about her Love Life

    Amber Rose is opening up about her love life in a series of candid interviews where she discusses her past relationships and dating life since becoming single. She has talked about being unafraid to try new things and taking risks with her love life, even if it means finding true love.

    In the interview, Rose admitted that she isn’t looking for a traditional relationship. She’s open to exploring different kinds of relationships and connection styles such as polyamory, an open relationship or even just friendships with benefits. And while she still speaks highly of being in a committed relationship with someone that you truly connect with, she’d prefer to remain open and see what else is out there before committing.

    Ultimately, Amber Rose isn’t focused on the person who she might find but instead the experience their relationship brings them together on. Whether it’s one night stands or a lifelong partnership, she’s not afraid to explore different love possibilities and figure out what makes her feel fulfilled along the way.

    Criticism about her dating choices

    One of the things that makes Amber Rose such a fascinating celebrity is the controversy surrounding her dating choices. Since she rose to fame, there has been ongoing criticism about whom she dates and why.

    Social media users have accused her of prioritizing money and fame over love. Critics question why she continues to date men in the public eye who either have drama or multiple women on the side. They’ve also raised questions about whether she’s settling for these men due merely to their wealth and status rather than anything more profound.

    While it’s impossible to monitor what truly goes on in Amber Rose’s personal life, onlookers must accept that it’s none of their business who she chooses to date. Ultimately, the only opinion that matters is Amber Rose’s own—and only time will tell if any of her recent relationships work out in the long run.