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  1. At the moment, Andi Dorfman is reportedly not dating anyone. While she previously had relationships with former NFL star Khalil Mack and musician John Borzo, it appears that Dorfman is currently single and focusing on her career.

    The reality television star has been spotted out in public with friends and spending time alone, but there are no reports of a special someone in her life at this time. She also hasn’t posted any romantic photos or made any comments about being in a relationship.

    In addition to appearing on Bachelor spinoffs such as Bachelor Live and Bachelor Pad, Andi now has a podcast called Ladylike with co-hosts Alejandro Cardenas and Tyler Beals. The podcast focuses on modern dating topics, so it appears that relationships are still on Dorfman’s mind — even if she isn’t involved in one herself right now.


    Andi Dorfman is an American television personality who first rose to fame after appearing on season eighteen of the reality TV show The Bachelor, where she quickly became a fan favorite. Following her departure, she became the star of season ten of The Bachelorette, where she ultimately chose Josh Murray as the winner.

    Since then, Andi has gone on to establish a successful career hosting food and lifestyle-related television shows. Most recently, Andi was featured in the dramatic scripted series Queen Sugar from 2020 to 2021.

    Given her success on dating shows and her public celebrity status, fans have been eager to know about Andi’s love life ever since. So far, Andi has confirmed that she is currently single and not actively looking for a relationship. However, she did dated fellow reality star Tyler Gwozdz until their split in 2019.

    Who is Andi Dorfman?

    Andi Dorfman is an American attorney, reality TV star and author. She first gained popularity as a contestant on season 18 of “The Bachelor,” where she eventually became the show’s runner-up. Since then, she has become a recognizable face in the dating universe by writing books about her experiences, appearing on “Bachelor in Paradise,” hosting podcast shows and more.

    Dorfman is currently single and isn’t dating anyone at this time. However, it looks like she isn’t closed off to dating possibilities and is content with focusing on her career right now. She often speaks publicly about relationship dynamics and has been open about her heartbreak after the break-up with former fiancé Josh Murray. For now though, it seems like Andi Dorfman is happily spending time focusing on herself and isn’t rushing into any relationships anytime soon!

    Dating History of Andi Dorfman

    Andi Dorfman’s dating history is nothing short of impressive! Andi first rose to fame as one of the most beloved bachelorettes on ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Since her departure from the show, she has been linked with several high-profile personalities such as Nick Viall, Eric Bigger, and Josh Murray.

    The most recent suitor for Andi was Chicago real estate agent Chris Lane. After a brief stint together, the two eventually called it quits in 2020 citing long distance concerns. Before meeting Chris, Andi had previously dated the infamous Nick Viall after the two struck up a romance during her season of The Bachelorette. Once their connection ended, Andi moved on to Eric Bigger with whom she had a brief but passionate relationship from 2016-2018 when they decided it was better to remain just friends.

    prior to these relationships, Andi had also briefly dated Nick’s friend and fellow contestant Josh Murray. Since then though, Andi appears to be single which may be why she decided to appear on Netflix’s Dating Around in 2020!

    Current Relationship Status of Andi Dorfman

    Andi Dorfman has recently been spotted with her rumored beau, Joel Schiffman.

    The two were seen in Miami where they were photographed locking arms while taking a stroll on the beach. They also shared several cozy moments including holding hands, doing some shopping together and celebrating Joel’s birthday dinner.

    This relationship appears to be new as both Andi and Joel have recently broken off of long-term relationships. The Bachelorette alum was last linked to former boyfriend, Jordan Kimball, whereas the businessman was engaged to his ex-girlfriend Stephanie Dorman for two years.

    Who is the New Man in Her Life?

    Andi Dorfman recently made headlines when she revealed that there is a new man in her life. While she hasn’t officially confirmed who the lucky guy is, speculation is rife that it might be sports agent Todd Mortensen.

    The couple has been spotted together quite often recently – at movies, out for coffee, and on vacation in Mexico. While neither of them has announced their relationship publicly yet, they appear to be very happy together. They seem to have a genuine connection and look like they are really enjoying each other’s company.

    So, who is this mystery man? Todd Mortensen is reportedly an up-and-coming sports agent from Atlanta. He’s known for his intelligence, drive, and skill. Together with Andi Dorfman, he would make quite the power couple! From what we can tell so far though, it looks like Todd and Andi are just getting to know one another for now – no word yet about where their relationship could be headed or if marriage might be on the horizon!

    Rumours and Speculations Around Andi’s Love Life

    Rumors and speculation around Andi Dorfman’s love life are always swirling. Since her highly publicized breakup with former fiancé Josh Murray in 2015, Andi has been connected to several different men in the public eye.

    In 2018, rumors heated up that Andi was dating Nick Viall, a fellow contestant on The Bachelorette and the winner of Season 21 of The Bachelor. Despite some flirty chemistry between the two on Nick’s podcast Viall Files, neither has ever officially confirmed any sort of romantic relationship.

    Recently, reports surfaced that Andi was seeing Chicago-based entrepreneur and angel investor Dan Suhl. Many sources claim that Suhl often posts photos of him and Dorfman on his Instagram page but nothing is confirmed yet as both parties continue to remain mum about their rumored courtship.