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  1. At this time, Ann-Margret is not publicly dating anyone. At 79 years of age, she is happily married to her producer husband, Roger Smith. The couple met in 1963 on the set of the television show “77 Sunset Strip” and have been together ever since. They tied the knot in 1967 and remain devoted to each other after more than 50 years of marriage. When Smith was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder in 2014, Ann-Margret dedicated her life to his recovery and forged ahead with their plans for a movie production company. They continue to work together and make beautiful music that can be enjoyed around the world.

    Overview of Ann Margret’s career & public image

    Ann Margret is one of the most iconic female entertainers of all time. She has been a star since her early teens and has appeared in many popular movies, television shows, and stage productions. She is also known for having an impressive singing voice and often performs in front of large crowds.

    Despite not being married at the moment, Ann Margret has enjoyed quite a long-term relationship with her recent partner Roger Smith. The two of them have been together since 1980 and continue to remain strong today. Ann’s career speaks for itself – she has won numerous awards including two Grammys, an Emmy, and a Tony. Her public image always portrays her as confident woman who is willing to take risks when it comes to her career decisions. Ann is also very publicly generous – she is an active philanthropist and often donates to charities that support music education for children around the world.

    History of Ann Margret’s relationships and partners

    Ann Margret is one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses and her romantic relationships have been the subject of much speculation. Ann started her career as a dancer and singer, and appeared in many notable films such as Bye Bye Birdie, Viva Las Vegas, and Tommy.

    Throughout her career, Ann has been known for having relationships with some of the biggest names in show business. She was linked to Elvis Presley for a time, had an on-again off-again relationship with actor George Peppard, dated French star Alain Delon for over two years, and even had a brief relationship with comedian Steve Martin.

    Most recently Ann Margret moved out to Los Angeles from Vegas after she began dating former educator Tom Joyner. The couple have been seen walking hand-in-hand through shops in L.A., enjoying intimate dinners together and engaging in other public displays of affection. They have yet to make any sort of official announcement regarding their romantic status but all signs point to a serious long-term relationship!

    Recent reports & speculation about who she is dating now

    Recent reports and speculation are circulating that Ann-Margret is currently in a relationship with her former bodyguard, Harold J. Thorin Jr. While nothing has been confirmed, both were spotted out together multiple times in recent months and eyewitnesses claim to have seen them hold hands and exchange smiles.

    The pair have not made any public statements about their relationship. However, there are many clues that point to a romantic connection between Ann-Margret and Thorin. For instance, she recently hired him as her primary bodyguard after separating from her husband of 28 years, Robert Aldrich. Also, the two have been spotted attending events together almost exclusively ever since then.

    At this time it is difficult to verify whether or not this is a romantic relationship — or simply business? But if what recent rumors suggest is true than Ann-Margret may finally be in an amazing new relationship!

    What does the future hold for Ann Margret & her romantic life?

    The future looks bright for veteran actress-singer Ann Margret when it comes to her romantic life. While the 77-year-old has always been notoriously private about her love life, in the past she’s revealed faint details about her dreams of true marital love.

    In recent years, Margret has spoken openly about being open to finding a companion and enjoying the company of men. She’s also been spotted on several occasions with single men, leading many to speculate that she may have found someone special.

    And over the years, Margret has admitted to having many admirers but never seemed to be serious with anyone in particular—until recently. It seems that after more than 50 years in show business and nearly 80 years of life experience, Ann Margret may have finally found a guy who makes her heart flutter!

    Only time will tell what the future holds for this modern-day Elizabeth Taylor—but one thing is sure: we wish Ann only the very best in whatever path she chooses!

    Conclusion: Significance of Ann Margret and her current relationship status

    The significance of Ann Margret and her current relationship status is far-reaching. Ann Margret has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry as an actress, recording artist and dancer. She has won numerous awards and accolades, including Academy Award nominations, Golden Globe Awards, and Grammys. Her legacy as an inspirational entertainer shines through in her work — both old and new.

    Knowing who Ann Margaret is dating now is an interesting factoid in itself—as it serves to further illuminate her public persona and private life. Her current relationship proves that the passing of time can’t take away love and dedication between two people — showing us how age does not define our capacity for love.