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  1. Apryl Jones is currently dating rapper Fizz. The couple confirmed their relationship in December 2020 and have since referred to each other as a “life partner”. Jones and Fizz are the parents of a son, Megaa Omari Grandberry, who was born on March 22, 2020.

    The former Love & Hip Hop star started dating Fizz following her break up with Omarion Grandberry and overa year long custody battle for their two sons – Megaa Omari Grandberry (born 2014) and A’mei Kazuko (born 2016). Apryl shares co-parenting duties of her two children with ex-fiance Omarion.

    In April 2021, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child together. They plan to welcome the baby into the world later this year. Apryl also has a daughter from her past relationship with music producer Lil’ Fizz.

    Apryl Jones and her celebrity status

    Apryl Jones is a multi-faceted entertainer and celebrity who is best known for her stint on the hit reality show, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. She first gained fame as a dancer, choreographer and businesswoman before transitioning into the world of television. Off-camera, Apryl is a doting mother to two daughters – one with former partner Omarion – and also has deep roots in entertainment.

    In addition to her journey on Love & Hip Hop, Apryl has earned herself several credits as an actor and dancer throughout her career. Her impressive list of credits includes House Party 3 (1994), ATL (2006), Daddy’s Little Girls (2007) and Choices II: The Setup (2008). Outside of acting she made appearances in music videos from artists such as Chris Brown, Omarion, Bobby Valentino and Jennifer Lopez.

    Apryl’s professional excellence has made her one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood today. She continues to cultivate great relationships with celebrities from various backgrounds and constantly stays current on all things pop culture related!

    Overview of Apryl Jones’s past relationships

    Apryl Jones is currently single, but she has had several high-profile relationships in the past.

    Before she was linked to Omarion, she famously dated rap star The Game for about 5 years. They had a son together and starred in a reality show called Marrying The Game on VH1.

    After they split up, Apryl began dating fellow rapper Fizz (from B2K). Their relationship ended shortly after it began in 2018.

    the recent reports of Apryl Jones’s potential new relationship

    In recent news reports, it has been speculated that reality TV Star Apryl Jones is dating musician Omarion Grandberry. Jones and Grandberry were first linked back in 2020 after attending the same event in Los Angeles. Since then, they have been spotted out together numerous times.

    The couple have not officially confirmed the relationship but they do share pictures of each other on their respective social media accounts. It seems that their friendship is beginning to become more than just platonic after several public outings and Instagram posts.

    This potential relationship may come as a surprise for some since both Jones and Grandberry are known for previous relationships with R&B stars Omarion (Jones’s ex) and B2K (Grandberry’s former group). It appears that the two have had a mutual admiration for each other long before any rumors started flying around Hollywood.

    Details about who Apryl Jones is rumoured to be dating

    Apryl Jones has been involved in a few romantic relationships since she first rose to fame. Recently, she is rumoured to be dating singer and actor Omarion, who is known for songs such as “Icebox”, “Touch”, and “Thot Love”.

    While Apryl and Omarion have not confirmed reports of their relationship, it’s widely believed that the two are together, considering how cozy they looked in some photos that were circulating on social media recently. Aside from being out on dates together, Apryl and Omarion reportedly spend a lot of time at each other’s homes.

    It has also been reported by credible sources that Apryl might be expecting her fourth child. Although Apryl has not publicly revealed this yet, if the news does turn out to be true the baby will likely be Omarion’s fourth biological child as well. Despite these rumours about the couple’s relationship and potential pregnancy announcement, neither have released an official statement confirming any of it. Time will tell whether Apryl Jones really is dating Omarion or not!

    Reactions from fans & the media

    Reactions to Apryl Jones’ relationship with rapper and Love & Hip Hop co-star Lil Fizz have been varied. Fans of the two were thrilled by the news, but some were quick to point out that Apryl Jones had a long-term on-and-off relationship with R&B singer Omarion, who is also the father of her two children.

    Meanwhile, many in the media were less than impressed. Supporters of Omarion particularly lambasted Jones for her decision to go public with her new relationship just months after their break-up. Critics claim that this decision was an insensitive way to embarrass the father of her children in such a public way.

    Others in the media have focused their attention on celebrating Apryl and Lil Fizz’s new romance, despite the controversy it has sparked among fans. Some suggest that avoiding judgement could be beneficial for all parties involved, as no one truly knows what goes on behind closed doors. After all, life — and love — go on!