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  1. Alex Rodriguez, or “A-Rod” as he is known in the sports world, is currently dating Jennifer Lopez. The couple has been together since early 2017 and have recently become engaged. A-Rod previously dated pop star Madonna from 2008 to 2009 but the couple split up after their relationship became strained. From 2010 to 2011, he was in a relationship with actress Cameron Diaz and then went on to date fomer Cowboys Cheerleader Torrie Wilson from 2011 to 2015. Prior to dating JLo, it was reported that A-Rod had a few short flings including with NASCAR star Danica Patrick and Silicon Valley CEO Anne Wojcicki.

    Who is Alex Rodriguez?

    Alex Rodriguez is a former major league baseball player and one of the most successful athletes in history. He played 22 seasons for the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, New York Yankees and Miami Marlins before retiring in 2016.

    In addition to being a record-breaking player and World Series champion, Alex has also forged several successful business ventures since retiring from baseball and become an avid public speaker.

    Rodriguez is currently dating Jennifer Lopez, an actress, singer, dancer and producer. The two started dating in 2017 after meeting at a restaurant in Los Angeles. They made their first red carpet appearance together at the Met Gala that same year and have since been frequently seen together on romantic getaways or attending high-profile events around the world.

    Who is Jennifer Lopez?

    Jennifer Lopez is an American actress, singer/songwriter, dancer, producer and entrepreneur who has achieved a great deal of success in the entertainment industry. She gained recognition for her performance in various popular television shows and movies such as Selena (1997), Shall We Dance? (2004) and The Wedding Planner (2005). Lopez has released numerous chart-topping songs over the years, including “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” and “On the Floor.”

    Recently, Jennifer Lopez was the topic of gossip after it was revealed that she is currently dating retired baseball player Alex Rodriguez (“A Rod”). They have been together since 2017 and are planning to get married soon. While Jennifer is in the spotlight with her musical career, Alex Rodriguez is now a business investor and commentator. Together they make quite a power couple!

    How did they meet?

    Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez met in February of 2017, when a friend invited them both to dinner at one of Lopez’s favorite restaurants. After that fateful night, their darling romance began to blossom—even though neither had intended to look for love at the time.

    The two set a romantic tone from the very beginning: A-Rod shared with fans on The View how he sent J-Lo flowers every day for the first five days they were together as a couple. He was immediately taken with her sense of humor and natural beauty; Lopez was charmed by his playful nature and intelligence.

    Apparently, it only took one date for them to become exclusive. Although things moved fast in the courtship phase, the couple have since slowed down—they’ve been enjoying getting to know each other more deeply over time. Now Rodriguez and Lopez share visible adoration for one another wherever they go!

    When did They Start Dating?

    Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have been an item since February 2017. The couple made their public debut as a couple when they attended a small celebration for Lopez’s upcoming film “Second Act.” Since then, Lopez and Rodriguez have grown increasingly closer, frequently attending basketball games, hitting the beach in Miami and even taking trips to Rome.

    However, they didn’t go public with their relationship until March 2017 when the couple posted simultaneous Instagrams of them together with the caption “#ATL”. A few months later in May 2017, it was reported that the couple had already moved in together. And by June 2019, rumours began to swirl that the couple was engaged – something which has still yet to be confirmed!

    How long have they been together?

    Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have been together since February 2017, so they’ve been an item for over three years now. Their relationship has had its up and down moments but the two of them appear to still be going strong.

    It all started when J Lo first reached out to the former Yankee slugger via text message. A-Rod responded positively and their friendship developed into something more as time went on. Despite having a 22-year age difference between them, they make a perfect couple!

    The two are now engaged and looking forward to their big day. They recently even renewed their vows while vacationing in Caicos Islands to celebrate their three years of love. It’s clear that these two are very committed to each other and are in it for the long haul!