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  1. Becky G is currently dating influencer, actor and singer Austin Mahone. The two have been together since April 2020 and they’ve shared plenty of lovey-dovey photos on social media. While they are yet to be officially engaged, they seem pretty committed to each other and even refer to each other as “babes” in their captions. Aside from Austin Mahone, Becky G has also dated soccer player Sebastian Lletget, singer Jaden Smith and artist Mason Levy over the years.

    Becky G and her career in music

    Becky G is a pop star to watch. After launching her music career on YouTube in 2009, Becky G has become a rising star. Her chart-topping singles and popular music videos have won her fans around the world.

    Becky G’s musical style is a mix of Latin pop and urban beats that borrows from many different cultures. She has collaborated with artists like Pitbull and Snoop Dogg, as well as fellow Latino stars such as J Balvin and Ozuna. Her songs often feature themes of love and relationships, making them relatable to her teen audience.

    Becky G’s success outside of music includes voicing the character Dora in Dora the Explorer movies, as well as appearing in TV shows like Empire, One Day at a Time, and Austin & Ally. She was also chosen as one of TIME Magazine’s 30 most influential teens for 2019!

    History of her relationships

    Becky G is dating soccer player Sebastian Lletget. The pair have been together since October 2019, when they were spotted holding hands in Los Angeles.

    Prior to that, Becky G was linked to musician Austin Mahone from April to August of 2019. This relationship came after a long period of singledom that started in early 2018, when her three-year relationship with singer Austin Corini ended due to reported issues with distance and timing.

    Long before even Corini, Becky G was linked to pop star Cody Simpson in 2011 when the two were teens. This relationship reportedly lasted just four months before they went their separate ways. In an old interview from 2011 after the break up, she said that despite the short duration of the romance, it still taught her important life lessons about relationships and loving herself first.

    Current Relationship

    Becky G is currently dating actor Austin Butler, whom she met while both actors were filming the 2019 movie “The Dead Don’t Die.” The two have been together since then and are going strong.

    The couple often appear in each other’s Instagram posts and share snippets of their life together. In October 2020, they celebrated their one year anniversary together with a romantic trip to Cabo San Lucas. During that vacation, Austin shared a sweet tribute to Becky where he thanked her for always being his light and inspiration.

    In addition to these dates, they both have busy schedules due to their acting projects. Despite this, they are still able to make time for each other and show the world how much they love each other with adorable photos on social media. They look like the perfect couple!

    Who has she dated in the past?

    Becky G has been in quite a few relationships throughout her career. Her first known relationship was with singer Carson Lueders, which lasted from May 2018 to September 2019.

    In 2020 she began dating Los Angeles-based soccer player Sebastian Lletget, but the two parted ways by early 2021.

    She also had a brief romance with YouTube star Lele Pons in February 2020 before calling it quits shortly thereafter.

    Before that, Becky G dated Austin Mahone back in 2015 and they were even rumored to be engaged at one point!

    While we can’t guarantee that all of her former loves will become public figures like herself, we can say that each relationship has so far been brief but romantic…so keep your eyes peeled for any upcoming developments!

    How their romance has evolved and unfold

    Becky G and her boyfriend, Austin Mahone, have been going strong for the past few months. From a flirty start on Twitter to going public with their relationship at red carpet events, the couple has been busy fanning the flames of their romance.

    Their relationship began in April 2018 when they started being seen together frequently and posted photos of themselves alone as well as with friends and family. Austin also wrote a song about Becky called “Why Don’t We” which hints at their growing love.

    Since then, the two have shared various romantic moments on social media including romantic dates, sweet kisses, and fun double dates with other celebrity couples. They’ve also had many adorable interactions in interviews where they gush over each other.

    Becky’s fans are delighted that she’s found someone special to share her life with, and it looks like these two will be together for quite some time!