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  1. Bella Thorne is currently dating her boyfriend Benjamin Mascolo. He is an Italian singer and songwriter whose popularity soared after he won the first season of Italy’s X Factor. The couple began dating in March 2020, although they were friends before that. Thorne has been vocal about her relationship with Mascolo on social media and they often share adorable pictures of their time together. They are deeply in love and have a very strong connection. They often appear in red carpets and post sweet messages to each other on Instagram. The two plan to be together for a long time and it seems that marriage could soon be on the cards for them.

    Overview of Bella Thorne’s Dating History

    Bella Thorne has been quite the romantic lately, with a history of several high-profile relationships. She first made headlines dating British musician Gregg Sulkin in 2015, quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s most recognizable couples. From there, she moved on to actor Tyler Posey, then singer Charlie Puth in 2016. After that brief fling with Charlie Puth, Bella was spotted out and about with rapper Lil Peep until his untimely death in 2017 at the age of 21.

    Since then, she’s had a number of rumored relationships including Mod Sun, Benjamin Mascolo and more recently Scott Disick. Her most recent relationship was with Italian singer Benjamin Mascolo in 2020 after months of speculation about their relationship status. It looks like Bella is finally settling down with this serious commitment!

    Past Relationships with Mod Sun and Charlie Puth

    Bella Thorne has had many famous relationships over the years. Her past relationships include rapper Mod Sun, who she dated from April 2017 to October 2019. During their relationship, they often posted playful photos and videos with each other on social media, giving fans a glimpse into their love life.

    Their relationship came to an end due to frequent arguments between them and some compromising photos of Thorne that were leaked online while they were dating.

    Prior to that, Thorne also had a brief relationship with singer Charlie Puth in 2018. The two started dating after meeting at one of Puth’s shows and flirting over Twitter direct messages. But the romance fizzled out shortly after because Puth allegedly wasn’t ready for such a committed relationship. Since then, both TThorne and Puth have moved on and are happily in new relationships today!

    Current Relationship with Benjamin Mascolo

    Bella Thorne is currently dating Italian singer and actor Benjamin Mascolo. Thorne recently gushed about her relationship with Mascolo on social media, saying “He’s just…it’s just nothing like I’ve ever felt before actually.” She added that she and Mascolo are both “Free Spirits” who have “the sweetest places for each other here in our hearts!”

    The two first met several years ago, when they both starred in a music video for band Cignature. They began dating in May 2020 and have made frequent appearances on each other’s Instagram accounts. In February 2021, the couple went public with their romance after appearing at a carnival together.

    Thorne and Mascolo seem to be very much in love and even appear to have matching tattoos! Together they make one of the cutest couples in Hollywood right now!

    Social Media Presence Following her Romance Announcement

    Bella Thorne’s social media presence has been a constant following her romantic announcement. Everything from cute Instagram posts to public Twitter activity shows us how she’s navigating the newfound relationship spotlight.

    It was only after dropping hints on various Instagram stories did Bella officially announce her and boyfriend Benjamin with a sweet post captioned “My Partner”. This was what fans had been anxiously waiting for- confirmation their suspicions were correct!

    Not only does Bella keep updating followers on her relationship status and blossoming romance, but she also regularly posts pictures of the two being goofy and enjoying time with one another out and about in Los Angeles. Plus, she isn’t afraid to gush about her relationship via 140 characters either, seen as recently as March when she posted to Twitter about Ben jokingly proposing for marriage.

    It is clear that these two are currently in a wonderful stage of their romance together and Bella is doing a fantastic job keeping fans updated along their journey!

    Impact of Bella Thorne’s Private Life on her Public Reputation

    Bella Thorne is no stranger to high-profile relationships. She has been seen dating some quite famous celebrities, including YouTuber Tana Mongeau and recording artist Mod Sun. While having a very public dating life has given Bella increased recognition by fans in the short term, it can have long-term impacts on her reputation as well.

    For starters, any celebrity with a lot of public relationships can be more likely to be judged for their decisions than those who keep their private relationships private. This could lead to a decrease in the amount of respect that people have for Bella’s choices and personal behavior. Additionally, constantly being involved in new relationships can take away from her reputation as an artist and could even drag down the value of her music and content if too much of her persona is associated with her latest relationship.

    Finally, when celebrities are connected with several partners at once, it makes them look overly promiscuous which affects their popularity with potential fans or sponsors. All these factors contribute to how other people perceive Bella’s life and can have both short term and long term implications on her career and public persona.