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  1. Ben Azelart is currently dating Autumn Ray. The couple has been together since 2019 and share their relationship status on Instagram and other social media platforms.

    Ben Azelart is an actor, model, and professional skateboarder, known for his work in films like Kidstrapped and Suite Life of Zack & Cody. He also has a massive following on YouTube with over 5 million subscribers who follow him for his skating videos, pranks and vlogs.

    Autumn Ray is an Instagram influencer and model who also documents her travels on her own YouTube channel. She rose to fame as a result of her viral social media TikTok videos that she posts daily and shares with her 4 million followers. She is also known for participating in the Miss Georgia Teen USA pageant in 2017.

    The couple creates content about their relationship for their fans to enjoy on their joint YouTube channel called Ben&Autumn that boasts almost 500K subscribers. They usually post videos once or twice a week, from skits to challenges to mystery boxes that they open together!

    Ben Azelart and Who He Is

    Ben Azelart is a French-American professional skateboarder, Youtuber and actor. He achieved fame in 2019 when he started posting popular clip videos of his skateboarding on YouTube. He quickly amassed a large following of fans across the world!

    In addition to his work as a skater and YouTuber, Ben is also well known for his relationships. In 2020, he was linked to social media star and model Lexi Rivera, who had also previously been involved with Tayler Holder. The two were reported to have broken up later that year, though it was never confirmed.

    Ben Azelart is also currently dating Instagram model Brady Jandreau and they have been pictured together numerous times since they started dating. It’s unknown exactly how long they have been seeing each other but the pair appears to be going strong with Ben often posting publicly about her on social media throughout 2021.

    His Dating History and Rumors

    Ben Azelart is rumored to have dated Jasmine Gonzalez and Amanda Cerny. He has mostly kept his love life private, so it’s hard to say if either relationship was serious or long-term.

    There have always been rumors about Ben Azelart dating other famous influencers, including Tana Mongeau, Jogh Wright, Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae and Emma Chamberlain. Although some of these relationships proved to be true with social media posts, none have ever become legitimacy official.

    That said, Ben Azelart currently appears to be single and enjoying the bachelor life as an international skateboarder/influencer/actor!

    Who Ben is Currently Dating

    Ben Azelart is currently dating Lexi Hensler, a social media star and fellow skateboarder. They began dating in October 2020 and have become quite the couple. After meeting on set of Ben’s new video, their bond quickly grew into something special.

    The two are often spotted out at skate park or going on romantic dates. They also share many sweet moments on social media, from intimate beach trips to celebrations for each other’s birthdays. It appears that these two lovebirds are very content with their current relationship status and plan on continuing it for the foreseeable future!

    Where They Have Spotted on Public Dates

    Ben Azelart and his girlfriend, YouTuber Tana Mongeau, are known for being unafraid to show off their love in public. The couple have been spotted out on dates all over the world, from New York City to Los Angeles and beyond!

    In January of 2020, Ben and Tana were spotted out on a public date at an amusement park which sparked lots of rumors about them taking the relationship to the next level. They were also seen having a romantic dinner in Las Vegas for Valentine’s Day that same month.

    The couple was even seen shopping together in Tokyo just last year. This may indicate that Ben and Tana are serious about their long-distance relationship and strive to be together as much as possible when they can!

    Social Media Evidence of PDA

    Believe it or not, you can often find out who Ben Azelart is dating by checking his social media accounts. Ben is an Instagram and YouTube sensation so he and his girlfriend usually share photos of each other on their accounts.

    Search for recent posts with similar geographical locations and clothing. There have been various times where the two have posted pictures of themselves together in matching t-shirts or attending the same events.

    Ben has also shared pictures of himself with his rumored girlfriend on vacation, cuddling up on a beach or sipping coffee in a cafe. This has been taken by many as evidence that the two are officially an item!

    In addition to matching clothes, Ben’s girlfriend often appears in videos with him. By watching carefully, you can see them interact affectionately in various situations, sealing the deal for excited fans hoping for confirmation about this couple’s relationship status!

    What the Future Might Hold for the Couple

    Only time will tell what the future might hold for Ben Azelart and his girlfriend. The couple have said they’re taking it slow and getting to know each other, but they seem to be serious about their relationship.

    One thing is certain — they both have had an incredible start in their respective careers and it looks like that isn’t going to stop anytime soon! Both of them are very popular and well known in their own right so we can expect big, exciting things for them in the months and years ahead.

    We can only imagine the surprise events, trips, and moments that will be shared over the course of their relationship – from surprising birthday gifts to embarking on a summer getaway. Of course, as with all relationships there could also be unexpected struggles or difficulties too. But whatever lies ahead for this couple, Ben Azelart and his girlfriend seem ready to tackle it head-on together.